Dark Past of Statue Of Liberty Protester Discovered

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The unhinged Democratic Party is running out of heroes. They have enlisted disgraced comedian Kathy Griffin, porn star Stormy Daniels, and former junkie Tom Arnold. The newest hero of the Democrats is a woman who scaled the Statue of Liberty to protest ICE, but now her dark past has been exposed.

Statue of Liberty protest (Photo Credit: Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images, Screenshot)

Therese Okoumou, 44, is a Congolese immigrant who attends one anti-President Donald Trump meeting per week. She was part of a “’Rise and Resist” protest on Independence Day that ended with police climbing the statue and risking their lives to save her from her own ignorance, New York Daily News reported.

But it was not the first time that she had a run-in with the law.

“Therese Patricia Okoumou, 44, of Staten Island, was born and educated in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but she has lived in New York for at least the last 10 years, records show,” NYDN reported. “She joined the group Rise and Resist, which unfurled an ‘Abolish ICE’ banner at the base of the statue on Wednesday, a few months ago and has been taking part in about one protest a week with the group, according to member Jay Walker.”

Okoumou climbed the statue and vowed to stay until every illegal immigrant kid was released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody. But hours later, she was off of the statue and in police custody.

“She’s been an active member of Rise and Resist for four or five months,” Walker told NYDN. “She’s participated in quite a few of our actions.”

The group said that it disavowed her decision to scale the Statue of Liberty and maintained it had no part of it. “She was standing on the platform, touching her foot,” Walker said. “I hope when they took her down they didn’t injure her. That’s our main concern.”

But the group changed its tune after members of The Resistance attacked it for not supporting her. “The members of Rise and Resist have listened to the criticism of the statement we released earlier Wednesday evening. On reflection, we realize that in our haste to complete the statement so that we could continue working to secure the best legal representation for Patricia, we unintentionally led people to believe that we were distancing the group from Patricia,” it wrote on Twitter.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. Patricia is our friend, our comrade, our sister. From the moment that we realized that this amazing woman whom we have gotten to know, love, and respect was the person who had climbed to the foot of Lady Liberty, we had three concerns: one for her safety from falling, second, for her safety as a woman of color who was about to be engaged by law enforcement, and third, to find her the best legal representation that we could. Our members will be at 500 Pearl St. at 9:00 AM tomorrow and we welcome any New Yorker who has been inspired by her utter and absolute fierceness to join us. We unequivocally support Patricia. We will have an additional statement Thursday morning with updates,” it said.

There are some things to take from that statement. The group was pressured into supporting Okoumou. It used the word “comrade,” a word used by communists in the former Soviet Union at a time when the resist movement insists that it is conservatives that are in bed with Russia. And among the concerns the group had, nowhere does it mention concern for the lives of the law enforcement officers who had to risk their lives to save her.

And it should have had more concern for the officers than it did for the “woman of color” as she is the one who has attacked them in the past.

“In August 2017, she was arrested for trespassing, obstruction of government administration and misdemeanor assault during a demonstration against the state Department of Labor on Varick Street. Okoumou, who carried a protest placard, had covered her mouth with tape and refused police demands that she leave the building. She refused to enter an ambulance by lying on the ground, kicking her feet and flailing her arms, according to police. She was charged with misdemeanor assault after one of the cops was hit during her flailing, authorities said.”

She is a long time social justice warrior who believes the world is against her. In 2003 she filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination, accusing her former employer of racism when she was fired from her job at a battered woman’s shelter named Safe Horizons. But she did win $1,500 in a lawsuit against a towing company in 2009 when she charged it with racial discrimination.

In 2007, she was defeated in another racial discrimination case she brought, this time against a group home. Rather than raising funds to pay for her legal defense, the group should raise funds to get this woman the mental help she desperately needs.