Stein OFFICIALLY Outed As Soros’ Pawn, New Diabolical Plans For Civil War

Jill Stein is still making headlines with her ridiculous recount effort, but there are a lot of people who are done with her shenanigans. In a shocking move, Stein was officially outed as a pawn and not by George Soros. No, Soros is laughing at Stein after he used her, but the scary part is his new plans to start a civil war in America.

Jill Stein (left) has been outed as a traitor to the Green Party and a George Soros (right) pawn for the recount effort. His plans go far beyond the recount.

Jill Stein became the darling of the far leftists who felt abandoned by Bernie Sanders when he sold out, agreeing to support Hillary Clinton. At the Democratic National Convention, the chant from the Sanders people was “Jill not Hill,” and Stein lapped it up.

Jill Stein was supposed to be this purest politician who stood for all the liberal loons, and then, the recount happened. Those liberal loons may be nutjobs, but many of them saw through Stein, who was raking in six million dollars for a recount effort that made no sense at all when she only took in three million during the presidential campaign.

Now, they have stabbed her in the back. It’s official, the Green Party scrubbed Jill Stein completely off their website like she never existed, but they also crushed her in a posted statement, and boy, it’s a doozy, outing her as a pawn for the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros.

“The recount has created confusion about the relationship between the Green and Democratic parties because the states chosen for the recount are only states in which Hillary Clinton lost.” [via Flowers For Senate]

So, Stein’s reputation as the darling of the Green Party is over. Soros is laughing his evil ass off at Stein, and he couldn’t care less that it’s been widely speculated that the six million in cash for the recount came from him. Soros’ end game was never to overturn the vote, it was to disillusion those young leftists that rejected Hillary and turned Stein into their queen.

As Breitbart pointed out, Marc Elias, the Clinton team’s general counsel, joined with Jill Stein to oversee the recount effort, and Elias is also one of Soros’ main attorneys. Other sources say they have proof that a “computer bot” has been putting various amounts of cash into Stein’s coffers periodically to fool people into thinking it’s not all coming from Soros.

George Soros the evil puppet master

Soros can now scheme to infiltrate those passionate Sanders and Stein supporters, who are left with no leader. Stein’s downfall has created a vacuum, and that maniacal Soros intends to fill it so he can gain control of them. Soros funds Black Lives Matter, the Occupy Movement, and so many others, like Media Matters, and the plan is to create total chaos in America.

Those passionate Sanders/Stein supporters are like gold to Soros. He sees them as the perfect foot soldiers to create riots and mayhem. The end game is to create so much chaos that it evolves into a civil war. Sound crazy? Soros has done this Marxist game plan many times. He funded the Color Revolutions of the 1990s-2000s, so this is not a pipe dream for him. He is calling this one, for America, the “Purple Revolution.

American patriots should be ever vigilant and informed about what that scumbag Soros is doing with all his whacked out followers. He won’t stop, so we must always be ready. That diabolical puppet master has done this to other countries, but we are on to him, and he’ll be shocked to learn America is not anything like those other countries, not even close.

[h/t Allen B. West]

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