After Stephen Colbert’s Sick Anti-Trump Attack, He Wakes To Nasty Surprise

After Stephen Colbert's Sick Anti-Trump Attack, He Wakes To Nasty Surprise
After unleashing a vulgar tirade against President Donald Trump (left), liberal satirical comedian Stephen Colbert (right) woke to a nasty surprise. (Photo source: The Federalist, Bustle)

When liberal comedian-host Stephen Colbert engaged in a rant on The Late Show about the U.S. President, he unleashed a low, vile blow to Donald Trump that was almost too vulgar to air. However, after patting himself on the back for his disgusting “joke,” Colbert woke up the next morning to a surprise that was even nastier than his comment.

Liberals seem to think that they have a patent on tolerance, and they’re more than willing to shout down or brutalize anyone who disagrees. Despite having hypersensitivity to whatever they deem offensive, they’re certainly not above using the same bigotry and hate speech they often accuse of their opposition.

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While on Monday night’s airing of The Late Show, political satirist and comedian Stephen Colbert responded to Trump’s interview with CBS journalist John Dickerson by rabidly slurring that the only thing Trump’s “mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*** holster.” While most would expect the left to applaud his churlish potshots simply because they were directed at Trump, Colbert didn’t get quite the reaction he was expecting.

Much to Colbert’s surprise, social media is in an uproar as both conservatives and his own fellow liberals began demanding he be fired for his incessant mockery of Trump and for being both a “homophobe” and “bigot.” Since his show aired, the hashtag #FireColbert has been the second-most top trending topic on Twitter as both the right and left-wing social media users demand his removal and his show’s boycott for hate speech.

Breitbart reports that while conservatives rightfully found Colbert’s comments to be distasteful, leftists have unexpectedly turned on their own, calling for action from the television network for the host’s insensitive LGBT mockery.

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As such, the hashtag #FireColbert quickly gained attention, with both sides of the political spectrum calling for the comic’s ousting. Even German Lopez of Vox, a left-leaning news outlet, expressed her outrage over Colbert’s statement, claiming that the slam was equally insulting to gays since he openly denigrated homosexuals in the same breath.

“In a setting in which Colbert is deliberately trying to find a way to insult Trump, it’s telling that he resorts to suggesting that Trump is engaging in sexual acts with another man. The suggestion is that the worst thing that could happen for these men is if they engaged in homosexual acts together, as if that devalues them as men or emasculates them.”

Since social media began decrying his performance and demanding his termination, Colbert has gone relatively quiet on the issue, only addressing it by saying that he stands by his comments. Still, his doubling down didn’t sit well with his liberal viewers, according to the NZ Herald.

Although liberal Hollywood elitists hurling graphic insults at President Trump is nothing knew, it’s ironic that they only now rediscovered their humor toward the government administration after an 8-year hiatus. As Twitter points out, these filthy rich celebrities were eerily silent when it came to mocking Barack Obama for the sake of comedy. In fact, it was almost as if he was off-limits simply because he was liberal or black or rumored gay.

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Whatever the case is for Colbert and many others finally locating their satirical comedy concerning the political atmosphere, which is obviously motivated by their biased love affair with equally wealthy Democrats, we can sit back and watch as they eat each other alive. Unhinged rants like the one Stephen Colbert spewed simply showcases just how far liberal tolerance extends. As long as it comes with a cheap shot at conservatives, they’re willing to mock their own special interest groups, further alienating them from the American people.

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