Mystery Stickers Pop Up All Over City With Terrifying Message To Non-Muslims

When strange stickers started appearing in random places along the streets and parks, some assumed it was just another advertising ploy. However, as soon as they took a closer look, they realized it was an Islamic message directed towards non-Muslims — one that’s even more horrifying in the wake of the terrorist attack in Nice, France.

With the increase of Muslim migrants, Sweden has become a hub of Islamic rape and sexual assault. We’ve long warned that this isn’t solely for the satisfaction of perverted foreigners but mainly to force Western women to adhere to Sharia. If they fear being groped or gang raped, they will have men escort them or cover their bodies more willingly just like women are forced to do in Islamic countries.

Ignorant leftists have been more concerned with making these migrant rapists feel comfortable in their host country than with the abuse of the innocent. But perhaps they will heed the warning directly from the mouths of the asylum seekers they defend.

Fria Tider reports that sinister bumper stickers are surfacing all over Nybro, Sweden, each containing simple yet threatening messages towards those who refuse to submit to Islam. One of the stickers states in English, “Women who do not wear the veil are asking to be raped.” Another reads, “No democracy. We just want Islam.”

Mystery Stickers Pop Up All Over City With Terrifying Message To Non-Muslims
Stickers warning women that they are “asking to be raped”

Pictures of the messages are circulating on social media along with speculation as to who is spreading these eerie warnings. Leftists, of course, are running to the defense of Muslims, a large percentage of whom are indeed raping Swedish women. On the other hand, many civilians believe the threats are from asylum seekers. Considering that these threats by Muslim migrants are particularly common in Sweden, citizens have every justification for worry.

These stickers and others have been reported to the police who have opened up an investigation. They currently have no leads.

This is particularly troubling since rape is so rampant in Sweden. Thanks to Islamic migration, 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped. Over 77 percent of rapes are committed by the migrant population, most of whom have arrived from Muslim countries.

According to Breitbart, the stickers have surfaced just weeks after similar messages appeared in Emmaboda, a town just half-an-hour away from Nybro. However, instead of threats, the previous stickers bore the message, “Multiculturalism is bad for your children and your grandchildren.” These stickers were also stamped with “Nordfront,” a Swedish anti-open doors movement.

The stickers in Nybro are also printed very differently, almost as if they were rushed to be printed. Minimalistic, the text is always plain white on a dark background, unlike the vivid Nordfront messages that contain professional logos.

Mystery Stickers Pop Up All Over City With Terrifying Message To Non-Muslims
Leaflets telling pet owners not to walk their dogs in public have outraged Britons in Manchester.

The Islamic stickers in Nybro fall on the heels of outrageous leaflets distributed in mailboxes just recently in Machester, England. Although officials aren’t certain if these warnings are legitimate or a hoax, the papers ask Britons not to walk their dogs in public in order to keep neighborhoods “pure” for the Muslim minority.

“This area is home to a large Muslim community. Please, have respect for us and for our children and limit the presence of dogs in the public sphere,” the leaflets urge. “Keeping the purity of the public space enables the Muslims remains untainted and without blemish. As part of this effort, we have chosen to address one of the aspects that can have a detrimental effect on the purity of the public space, with the aspect being the presence of dogs who are considered impure in Islam.”

While the left and Muslim apologists have laughed this off as a hoax, whoever printed the leaflets and runs the website has an extensive knowledge of the Quran, perhaps more so than the laughing Muslims.

The Islamic Prophet Muhammad told his followers that dogs are impure and even commanded they be killed. This small part of his teaching is so impactful that Iran often kills thousands of dogs in a matter of days.

Of course, anyone who isn’t living in liberal-hippie delusion knows that women in Sharia countries are often raped, fined, imprisoned, lashed, and honor killed for not wearing the hijab. So, it doesn’t necessarily matter if the warnings were put forth by a Muslim or someone hoping to rile the masses because they are undoubtedly fundamental aspects of Islam and the operation of its barbaric laws.

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