Store Scrubs Crosses From Items To Appease Muslims, Infidel Shows Up With Perfect Surprise

After receiving complaints that crosses on food product labels were offensive, a grocery store manager quickly removed them to appease those who took issue. However, as soon as a Christian heard about the store’s submission, he arrived with a brilliant surprise for the unsuspecting store employees.

Store Scrubs Crosses From Items That Upset Muslims, Infidel Shows Up With Perfect Surprise
After a supermarket chain airbrushed out Christian symbols on food product packages, Martin Zaplatel (far right) and his friends showed up at their stores with a brilliant surprise. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Martin Zaplatel)

As the Muslim population festers, their religious demands continue to grow louder and more burdensome. Unfortunately, appeasing them only gives way to stronger demands until they reach their ultimate goal of establishing Sharia law, as they’ve done in over 50 Muslim countries.

Expectedly, this tactic has made its way to the West with Muslims demanding that we accommodate their ceaseless religious compulsions, refraining from ever offending their hair-trigger sensibilities. As we become one step closer to implementing blasphemy laws, fed-up Westerners are beginning to rise up with a few demands of their own.

When the tiny Muslim minority whined about minuscule Christian symbols on food product packages, namely crosses, European supermarket giant Lidl hastily capitulated, airbrushing out every seemingly Christian symbol they came across.

Absurdly believing this would satisfy the unendingly offended Muslim community, the chain had no idea that they’d also offended the non-Muslim majority in the process. In fact, the store has hypocritically allowed Islamic minarets and crescent symbols to remain on halal food products. Fortunately, a bold Czech native was there to call out their bias in a brilliant way.

The Gateway Pundit reports that 37-year-old conservative activist Martin Zapletal and his companions arrived at 3 Lidl stores dressed as medieval monks and carrying 3-foot crucifixes to protest the franchise’s censorship of Christian symbols in favor of the Muslim supremacists. In a display that effectually mocked the store’s hypocrisy, Zapletal and several others quietly browsed the aisles, “blessing” each product that had been scrubbed of Christian symbolism.

Store Scrubs Crosses From Items That Upset Muslims, Infidel Shows Up With Perfect Surprise
Zaplatel and his companions arrived at 3 Lidl stores dressed as monks while carrying large crucifixes and proceeded to “bless” products that had Christian symbols removed. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Martin Zaplatel)

Peacefully protesting the blatant religious censorship that directly complies with Sharia law, the group accumulated censored items in their carts and parked them at several checkout lanes before leaving.

“Yes, the crucifixes were real, and very old,” Zapletal explained to The Gateway Pundit, “but the costumes were improvised.”

“We in the Czech Republic like different kinds of humor. We’re known for that and we wanted to highlight what is a very serious issue – the censorship of Christian identity across Europe.”

Expectedly, the peaceful protest garnered the attention of the store manager, who threatened to call the police on the group for allegedly frightening customers and damaging merchandise. Knowing that they hadn’t committed any crime, Zaplatel simply continued with his demonstration, replying, “I am a citizen. I am a patriot. We must all take a stand against evil.”

Store Scrubs Crosses From Items That Upset Muslims, Infidel Shows Up With Perfect Surprise
Zaplatel said that although the manager called the police on them, there was nothing they could do since they hadn’t broken any laws. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Martin Zaplatel)

“We’re at home here. Our rules apply. If anyone doesn’t like it, he can leave,” Zapletal continued from a small village near Olomouc, a university town in Eastern Bohemia Thursday morning.

“This goes far beyond the decisions of this one supermarket chain,” he stated, adding that large foreign populations are being invited into Europe to deliberately divide the continent, a project so advanced that conflict is already inevitable, he believes.

Incredibly, Zaplatel’s activism has been joined by thousands of offended non-Muslims who’ve inundated Lidl’s Facebook page with negative comments and vowed to boycott the chain. Shoppers in the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Germany have also threatened to never shop at the popular grocer again, according to Zero Hedge.

The massive outcry reached the ears of Lidl upper-management, causing the company to apologize for upsetting the majority of their consumers. However, the chain did nothing to remedy the situation and continues to sell censored products while Islamic foods proudly display their religious symbols. Oddly, the company alleged that they removed only Christian symbols in order to prevent the exclusion of customers of other faiths.

“We are avoiding the use of religious symbols because we do not wish to exclude any religious beliefs. We are a company that respects diversity and this is what explains the design of this packaging. Our intention has never been to shock,” said the supermarket’s spokesman. “We avoid the use of religious symbols on our packaging to maintain neutrality in all religions. If it has been perceived differently, we apologize to those who may have been shocked.”

Although offending Muslims is quickly becoming a punishable crime in the West, offending the Christian majority is widely considered acceptable, especially in an effort to appease the very vocal Islamic minority. So, while the corporate giant lets the world know how they feel about Christianity, hopefully, Christians, who account for the majority of their consumers, will let them know how they feel by shopping elsewhere.

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