Strange Man Seen In Missouri Woods, What He Was Doing Has Citizens On Edge

Strange Man Seen In Missouri Woods, What He Was Doing Has Citizens On Edge
Madison County, MO trail cam caught this man in picture acting odd and out of place

Missouri residents are on edge after hundreds of cellphones have been purchased from Walmart within a few days by strange Muslim men and multiple propane tanks have gone missing. Now, a trail camera has captured a man acting oddly in the area around where these other unnerving incidents have taken place.

Madison County, Missouri has a small town feel, where everyone knows their neighbors and notices when a stranger is new to town. When a trail camera captured an odd man lurking in the woods, concerned citizens in the area started sounding the alarm. Nobody has seen this man before, and his stroll in the woods wasn’t for hunting animals, but perhaps it was to stake something else out.

Where this incident took place isn’t too far from the area where at least four Walmart stores were systematically bought out of all their untraceable cell phones by Muslim men who came in to get them late at night and really early in the morning. The timing of this man caught in picture isn’t lost on residents, who are feeling that a terrorist attack is imminent, especially after propane tanks were recently stolen and could become bombs in the hands of terrorists, detonated by cellphones.

The unidentified man, who looks like he could be Middle Eastern on close inspection of the photo, appeared on police radar a few days after the trail camera snapped this photo of him, when an observant man in another town 16 miles away called the cops on him after seeing what he did.

Strange Man Seen In Missouri Woods, What He Was Doing Has Citizens On Edge
Area in Fredericktown where John Wooldridge saw him

John Wooldridge told KFVS that he had just pulled away from his home in Fredericktown when he saw a man dash across the highway on foot and escape off into the woods, heading in the direction of Wooldridge’s home. This didn’t sit well with Wooldridge, so he went to see what this stranger was doing, when he was blindsided by the man. “He came out of the woods, screaming arms wailing, making a fist, just screaming,” Wooldridge said, which had him calling police right away.

Officers patrolled the area in search of the stranger, but they never found him. When photos obtained before this encounter came out, depicting a man acting odd on a trail in Madison County, Wooldridge said he immediately recognized him as the person he had the run-in with. But this average dressed man wasn’t a vagrant or hitchhiker, and his trolling around in the woods was going on while the phones were being bought up and propane tanks were stolen.

As of right now, this mystery man is still at large, and what he was/is doing has yet to be determined, but it warrants concern. Until he’s captured and brought in for questioning, should police find him and have legal ground to detain him, we can only speculate what his intentions are out there. He wasn’t dressed or prepared for a hunting trip, but perhaps he was investigating places to blow up a pipeline that possibly goes through that area, burying explosives, or hiding items he doesn’t want to be caught in the possession of.

Hopefully, it’s just a case of a man on weird drugs or off his medication and acting out of character and control, and not actually tied to terrorism in any way. But it’s important to not assume anything in either direction and always remain vigilant and aware. It will be common residents who prevent a terror attack in the heartland, who had the wherewithal to report something suspicious without being fearful of offending someone.

h/t: [KFVS12]

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