Soon After Florida Shooting, Stricter Gun Laws Are Passed… In California

Super-liberal California is at it again. Not long after a shooter opened fire at a Florida gaming tournament, the Golden State put three gun control bills before Gov. Jerry Brown. This legislation will impose even stricter gun limits in a state burdened by Second Amendment violations.

Gov. Jerry Brown was handed new laws that will limit gun ownership once again. (Photo Credit: Neon Tommy/Flickr, Clinger Holsters/Flickr)

We seem to talk about California a lot. Trust me when I say, we’d rather not. While there are many America-loving patriots in the Golden State, the fact remains that their leadership is made up of extreme leftists.

Time and again, the Democrats in California push a decidedly un-American agenda. California’s government regularly puts illegal aliens ahead of American citizens. The entire state is a sanctuary for criminal aliens. If an illegal immigrant breaks the law, they can count on the state of California to protect them from deportation. They’ll even set them free.

Not even an American citizen can count on that.

But when it comes to gun control, few states can rival California’s ridiculously strict rules. Despite gun ownership being protected by the Second Amendment, California liberals do everything they can to deprive residents of firearms.

Like most liberals, they claim we need more laws to prevent dangerous people from getting guns. However, gun laws routinely deprive law-abiding citizens of acquiring weapons. Citizens have a harder time protecting themselves. Meanwhile, criminals have no trouble getting guns.

Despite this obvious problem, California is at it again. Their legislators just put three new gun laws in Jerry Brown’s hands. These new laws will make it even harder for Californians to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Lawmakers in California on Monday sent three bills to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk that call for stricter restrictions on firearms in a state that has one of the toughest gun laws in the country…

The Los Angeles Times reported that the bills call for a lifetime ban for those convicted of domestic violence along with those ordered by a court to a psychiatric hold twice in one year.

State lawmakers have also called for Californians interested in obtaining a concealed weapon permit to undergo eight hours of instruction and pass a live-fire test before being granted the permit, the report said.

Most Republicans opposed the concealed-carry measure, warning that there is no limit on the amount of training a county can demand for the permit under the proposed law.

The state is known to have tight gun laws. Those convicted of domestic violence in the state currently face a 10-year probation, the report said. The state also currently enforces a five-year ban for those ordered by a court into a psychiatric holds, the report said. [Source: Fox News]

These are some of the strictest gun control laws we’ve seen in a while. And they’re all terrible.

You might think that banning guns from someone convicted of domestic violence is justifiable. But it’s a lifetime ban. That person will never be able to legally buy a gun in California. Forever. That’s a clear violation of the Second Amendment.

Maybe you think that this will prevent an abusive spouse from getting a gun to hurt their ex. That’s possible. But sadly, that won’t stop a dangerous person from harming a loved one. Throwing them in jail will.

And whatever happened to our belief in reformation? This law assumes that someone convicted of domestic abuse will always be dangerous. That they can never change. Democrats are saying that they don’t believe an abusive person can reform, so they are stripping them of their Second Amendment rights.

The other restrictions are meant to make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to acquire concealed carry permits. You know, the one thing that can ensure you’ll be safe wherever you go. Concealed carry permits allow a person to protect themselves when they are outside the home. It can ensure a woman is safe from a mugger or rapist. Or that a parent can protect their family, should the worst occur.

These new requirements will force an American to jump through various hoops before they can carry a weapon. It also assumes that Americans who want to carry are somehow dangerous and should be mistrusted.

Once again, liberals grossly insult our country and our people.

The reality is, liberal-run states will continue to push this kind of gun control. They will pass so many restrictions, the Second Amendment won’t matter. Few Americans will be able to arm themselves. But in the end, that’s what they wanted all along.

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