VIDEO: Woman Recording Strzok Testimony Catches Incredibly Creepy Moment

Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who sent anti-Trump text messages to his mistress while he was a central figure in multiple 2016 election-related investigations, testified before Congress on Thursday. One woman, who was watching the proceedings from home, happened to capture a very creepy moment on her own television that many of us missed. This will make your skin crawl.

In a disturbing moment captured on video by Twitter user Holly Bowie, disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok testifies before Congress. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Holly Bowie/Twitter)

Republicans lit into Peter Strzok on Capitol Hill Thursday, finally getting the chance to confront the discredited FBI agent in charge of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Trump-Russia investigation — including a short stint as the top investigator on Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation — before his text messages came to light.

Although the stakes could not have been higher and Strzok should have been a neutral party, he had penciled Clinton in for the White House from the very beginning and even sent text messages to his mistress warning that the FBI could “stop” a Trump presidency.

A report from the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz contained shocking text messages between Strzok and his lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page. In the most damning exchange, Page texted Strzok asking, “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!”

“No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok replied ominously.

This ground-breaking report led the House Judiciary Committee to demand Strzok appear before Congress to explain the obvious biases which should have led to his recusal. The Thursday hearing turned into a circus as Strzok used a series of strategies to deflect attention away from his crimes, at times yelling, flat-out refusing to answer questions, or expecting the Democrats to coddle him through the ordeal, which, for the most part, they did.

An embattled FBI agent whose anti-Trump text messages exposed the Justice Department to claims of institutional bias vigorously defended himself Thursday at an extraordinary congressional hearing that devolved into shouting matches, finger-pointing and veiled references to personal transgressions.

Peter Strzok spoke publicly for the first time since being removed last year from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team because of texts he traded with an FBI lawyer in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. He insisted that he never allowed personal opinions to influence his work, though he did acknowledge being dismayed by Donald Trump’s behavior during the campaign. [Source: AP]

One moment of the hearing, which was captured on video by a viewer at home, seems to suggest that Strzok actually has some very disturbing mental problems. Think “Silence of the Lambs.” The creepy footage was posted to social media by a woman by the name of Holly Bowie, who describes herself on Twitter as a “Wife, mother, lover & follower of Jesus Christ” who is “trying to make this world a better place one smile at a time.”

You would have been forgiven for missing this brief moment in the hearing, especially with all of the theatrics going on, but once you see the video Holly posted, you won’t be able to unsee it:

I’m no doctor, but that ain’t normal. It’s definitely not the behavior you’d expect to see from a mentally healthy person during a live televised Congressional hearing.

Twitchy cataloged some of the reaction to the video on Twitter:

Strzok’s behavior was so irrational, in fact, that it caused some social media users to wonder whether Holly had edited the clip somehow. But, she dispelled those claims, saying, “Completely real. I personally recorded it from my tv. I was so shocked when I saw it and played it back. I only cut the first part of the arguing. This is the full recording I captured. I couldn’t believe it.”

This man is an absolute nutcase. And, to think he was a central figure in multiple 2016 election-related investigations! The Republicans ought to play this short clip of his psychopathic behavior on a loop before the 2020 election. This is exactly why Trump won — the Democrats are certifiable. #WalkAway

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