After Obama Leaves U.S. Student Rotting In North Korean Prison, Look What Trump Just Did

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President Donald Trump (left), University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier (center), Barack Obama (right)

Former President Barack Obama was notorious for leaving Americans imprisoned in dangerous foreign countries without lifting a finger to help them. Before leaving office, he turned his back on one American student, in particular, who was rotting in a North Korean prison, sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for a seemingly inconsequential “crime.” However, President Donald Trump just went and did what Obama should have done months ago.

Instead of assisting American citizens who were wrongfully imprisoned in foreign countries, Barack Obama turned a blind eye. Perhaps he was too preoccupied on the golf course to spend any of his precious time negotiating the release of innocent individuals who he was sworn to protect. Or, perhaps, he simply didn’t have the cojones required to demand that other foreign leaders show some respect by releasing the Americans who they were wrongfully holding.

Whatever the case may be, while Obama was busy commuting the sentences of drug lords and terrorists in the U.S., Americans were rotting in decrepit prisons in other countries. Americans like Otto Warmbier. A student at the University of Virginia, Warmbier was taken prisoner in North Korea after “stealing” a propaganda poster while visiting the country.

It would seem unspeakably harsh that a foreign visitor to an overseas country could be jailed simply for trying to take a piece of paper home with them as a souvenir, but this is North Korea we’re talking about. This is the country where citizens are publicly executed for watching Disney movies.

Otto Warmbier arrives at court for his trial in North Korea.

Fortunately for Warmbier, he will not meet the same fate as his North Korean jail mates because he has President Donald Trump on his side. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced on Tuesday that, at the instruction of the president, the State Department had successfully negotiated the release of Warmbier, who is presently on his way back to the U.S.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says that North Korea has released Otto Warmbier, an American serving a 15-year prison term with hard labor for alleged anti-state acts.

Tillerson says that Warmbier is on his way back to the U.S. to be re-united with his family. He says in a statement that the State Department secured Warmbier’s release at the direction of President Donald Trump. Tillerson says the State Department continues discussing three other detained Americans with North Korea.

The announcement comes as former NBA player Dennis Rodman is paying a return visit to North Korea.

Warmbier is a University of Virginia student from suburban Cincinnati. He was sentenced in March 2016 after a televised tearful public confession to trying to steal a propaganda banner. [Source: msn]

The release of Warmbier is a tremendous win when you consider the increasing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea at the present time. Dictator Kim Jong-un is firing off test missiles nearly every weekend in a blatant display of aggression towards the U.S. and her allies. Meanwhile, President Trump has sent a fleet of the U.S.’s most powerful destroyers to the waters off the coast of Korea should the rogue regime try anything foolish.

With Kim Jong-un in a clear struggle to gain the upper-hand with Donald Trump, the fact that he has agreed to release a U.S. citizen speaks volumes. Clearly, the totalitarian leader knows the man he is dealing with means business.

Warmbier cries in court at an undisclosed location in North Korea.

This certainly was not the case when Barack Obama was Commander-in-Chief. Indeed, the former president was the laughing stock of the world. He commanded zero respect from other foreign leaders, so various countries walked all over the United States for eight long years. Thankfully, those days are over.

Donald Trump is not a man who can be messed with. He will come out on top every time. Ultimately, it is the citizens of America – citizens like Otto Warmbier – who benefit from finally having a true leader in the White House.

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