One Student Is In Big Trouble After Bringing Harmless Item To A Protest

Protests are becoming increasingly common all across America. The reasons are often political and the methods rarely make a statement. However, one student decided to bring something special in order to protest a campus policy at the University of South Alabama, and he is in big trouble for his decision.

Finance major D.J. Parten and another student were on campus Wednesday. Parten is a military veteran, and he was promoting a documentary on the comedy involved in social standards titled Can We Take a JokeHe is also president of the USA chapter of Students for Concealed Carry. He decided to bring a harmless item with him to protest the campuses gun-free zone policy, and the school didn’t find it acceptable.

Things got intense when two campus officers spotted Parten and his item, because they believed that it “threatened campus safety.” Campus Reform posted the following video of Parten receiving his written warning for the empty gun holster he was wearing.

That’s right. It was empty. Parten was not carrying a gun. The first thing the campus officer asked Parten is “where is your weapon?” To which he responds, “I don’t have it.” Not long after that, the campus police can been heard getting overly worried about a knife in his pocket as well.

The no weapons policy apparently doesn’t include a holster, and the campus police officer does admit that he understands an empty holster is not a weapon, but he gives Parten a hard time anyway. After Parten is told not to do “this stuff” by the officer, Parten says, “It doesn’t bother me. It’s good for activism.”

“Did you get permission to wear it?” asks the officer after being told it was done in protest. “I don’t need permission to wear it,” Parten replied. “You need permission from the university,” says the officer, going on to state that the school has a no-weapon policy and that they were responding to a complaint. Apparently the safe space wasn’t available for the complainant, so they did the next best thing and called campus security.

Campus Police harass Parten
Campus Police harass Parten

After issuing the citation, the university admitted that the situation should have been handled differently. “Upon further investigation, it has been determined that the citation should not have been issued and it has been rescinded,” University Director of Communications and Media Relations Bob Lowry said in a statement. “University Police are conducting an internal investigation of the matter.”

Issued or not, Parten’s time was wasted because some cowardly liberal couldn’t even bear the sight of an empty gun holster.  He was harassed and treated like he lived in Nazi Germany for carrying an item that can do no more harm than a belt.

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