New Study Confirms Gender ‘Wage’ Gap Due To Women Not Working

A new report that tracks wage earnings among men and women in America has come out. The bombshell news is that, once again, we see that women are earning less than men. But as liberal outlets screech about the “patriarchy,” there is one important detail they are ignoring.

Liberals are screaming about a new gender wage gap report. But there is something very important they are not telling you. (Photo Credit: T. Chick McClure/Unsplash)

For years, feminists have complained that women earn less money than men — while doing the same jobs. They go on and on that this is because of an evil brotherhood of men that runs our society. Greedy, corporate executives purposely pay women less… just because they’re women.

It’s an argument that’s hard to swallow. How can a company of any size get away with paying their female staff less? The Equal Pay Act of 1983 specifically forbids a company from paying someone less over gender. If that were really happening, you better believe that there’d be entire law firms dedicated to this issue.

The fact remains that it’s illegal to pay a woman less than a man simply because of her gender. So why do feminists still claim that women are earning less?

Because they are. A new report by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research reveals that women, working in the same jobs as men, do earn less. This week, liberal outlets jumped on this report, once again attacking the “patriarchy” of evil men who are abusing women. They are outraged that women are earning less than men in any job.

But they fail to admit that there is a good reason why men are taking home more money. It has nothing to do with sexism.

The media blasted headlines on Thursday claiming, yet again, that women in America are victims of the patriarchy because men are earning more money…

But what these articles are forced to admit is that the study finds the gap is caused by women taking more time off from work than men. Naturally, the feminist crowd cries discrimination while ignoring the fact that so many women choose to take the time off to be with family because not everyone hates babies as much as they do.

The report was compiled by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, and titled “Still A Man’s Labor Market,” because of course. The Atlantic article about the report tries to keep the sexism argument alive, but acknowledges six paragraphs in that the earnings gap is entirely due to women making different choices in their lives than men, and not a “wage” gap from discrimination. [Source: The Daily Wire]

It sounds pretty bad when you say, “Women earn less than men.” But the fact remains it has nothing to do with their gender and everything to do with the choices individuals make. For all the bellyaching feminists make about wage “inequality,” they are forced to acknowledge that no company is discriminating against their female staff.

Comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges, women earn close to what men earn: Women in similar workplaces with similar titles and similar credentials make pretty much what their male peers do, whether they are fast-food employees making close to the minimum wage or corporate executives making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. [Source: The Atlantic]

If that’s the case, why do feminists continue to push this lie? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that things have gotten so much better in America over recent decades.

Long gone are the days when women could only aspire to be secretaries or housewives. In fact, most young women today are compelled to be both successful professionals and have happy marriages and families. Few are being discriminated against in a society that champions women.

Feminists have little reason to fight or complain. America is the best country in the world for women. So, all they have left is made-up boogeymen like the patriarchy, distorting statistics to make it seem like women have to so bad in the USA.

Perhaps all those purple-haired harpies should take a trip to the Middle East. Spend time in countries where women really do have it bad. At least that will give us a few days of peace and quiet.

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