Super Bowl Champ Disses Trump, Refuses Tradition & Doesn’t Fear Backlash

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President Donald Trump (left) is being snubbed by New England Patriots tight end, Martellus Bennett.

Last night’s Super Bowl culminated in an overtime win for the New England Patriots when they were able to come back from a 25 point deficit and beat the Atlanta Falcons, who have only been to the Super Bowl twice in franchise history. However, with the win comes a major snub to President Donald Trump by one of the Super Bowl champions, who refused tradition and doesn’t fear the backlash.

It’s a fairly well-known fact that the New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady is good friends with President Trump. He has even been publicly attacked by the left for the crime of owning a “Make America Great Again” hat. This is the first Super Bowl since Trump was sworn into office, and already, winning players are getting political. One Patriots player is actually dissing the president regardless of what his teammates, boss, and fans think.

However, Tom Brady’s friendship with Donald Trump won’t convince Martellus Bennett to attend the White House meet-and-greet, which is customary for all Super Bowl championship teams. Bennett, one of New England’s tight ends, is saying he refuses to go because he doesn’t support Donald Trump and he isn’t afraid of the backlash.

New England Patriots tight end, Martellus Bennett doesn’t fear backlash for snubbing Donald Trump.

Tom Brady isn’t the only person affiliated with the Patriots who supports Trump. Robert Kraft, the owner of the franchise, is also a supporter and even attended a celebration dinner for Trump the night before his inauguration. So far, Kraft has not said whether or not he will force Bennett to attend the meet-and-greet or punish the tight end for not going.

Bennett didn’t mince words in the post-game interview in the locker room with sports reporters, but it wasn’t the first time he made his sentiments known. Bennett has said before that he would not attend should the Patriots win the Super Bowl, and he’s doubling down on his promises. However, the backlash from NFL fans will likely be swift.

Professional athletes are engaging in political controversy more and more over the past couple years, and with tensions higher than ever, the press can’t seem to refrain from asking a player about their political leanings. Many athletes are still opting out of publicizing their political leanings, while others, such as Colin Kaepernick, faced immediate backlash and scrutiny for their anti-American antics.

Karma smacked Kaepernick with a disastrous season and a lot of boycotts of his team over his support of communism. Bennett may not fear backlash, but it will probably be coming and swiftly, quickly changing his mind.

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