Super Bowl Anti-Trump Protesters Get BRUTAL WAKE-UP CALL From Texas Cop

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Super Bowl anti-Trump protesters are getting a brutal wake-up call from one Texas cop.

As Super Bowl LI gets ready for kick-off, Texas cops are ramping up for chaos as a flood of anti-Trump protesters and drugs arrive in their city for the big game day. Unlike the “pussy hat” wearing cops in D.C., these Texas lawmen aren’t going to allow the dope-smoking liberal hordes to wreck their city, and one Texas cop has a brutal warning for them.

According to a report by Worlds Wealthiest, Houston’s law enforcement agencies are taking their jobs very seriously with the arrival of protesters who want to disrupt one of our country’s biggest sporting events. The areas in and outside the stadium have been declared drug free zones, which includes weed. Cops will be cracking down on violators who intend to break the law.

One officer, who remains nameless, gave this epic warning to the leftist pot heads: “If people think they are going to bring dope into Texas, they’re full of shit.”

Houston police officers are preparing for the worst with the arrival of dope-smoking, anti-Trump protesters who are intent on disrupting the Super Bowl at NRG Stadium.

According to a report by the Houston Chronicle, more than 300 anti-Trump protesters marched down the streets of Houston on Saturday, shouting and chanting their opposition to Trump’s administration.

Some held up signs comparing Vice President Mike Pence to a jar of mayonnaise while shouting, “Resist Trump.” Reportedly, the march began at Houston’s City Hall and ended near the Super Bowl Live event at Discovery Green, stopping only to engage police with threats of unrest and rioting.

The much-anticipated event drew fanatical leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter, environmentalists, feminists, and LGBT activists. The protest began in coordination with Houston police but quickly turned into chaos. One law enforcement officer who tried to address the militant group said, “Take care of members who get too emotional, you lose the message when you get too emotional.”

By the end of the march, police were struggling with protesters to keep sidewalks clear for Super Bowl fans trying to make their way to events. According to a report by, sixty local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are coordinating to ensure the safety of all who are attending the Super Bowl.

Many former fans of the NFL are boycotting the event due to the organization’s support of disgraceful acts like those of Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers quarterback set the anti-American tone for the league with his infamous kneel for the national anthem protest. The NFL has suffered a significant drop in ratings as a result of their support for anti-law enforcement and anti-American displays.

It is so ironic that an organization like the NFL, which has blatantly disrespected our military and law enforcement, continues to rely on those same men and women for the freedom and safety to perpetuate their liberal progressive agenda. I, for one, will not be watching the anti-American Super Bowl or its slew of conservative-hating advertisers.

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