Super Liberal CA Governor Is About To Be Sworn In, Gets Nasty Surprise From Crowd

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Super liberal California Governor Jerry Brown is gone. In his place is equally super liberal Gavin Newsom. The Democrat Newsom, who easily won his bid to be California’s next governor, was about to be sworn into office. In a room full of supporters and press, his precious moment was ruined when he got a nasty surprise from the crowd.

Gavin Newsom’s precious swearing-in ceremony was interrupted by shouts from a protester. (Photo Credit: UAPD/Flickr, Screenshot/Twitter)

As much of the country embraces Donald Trump’s America First agenda, California does the opposite. The state is run by super liberal Democrats, who are lurching toward far-left socialism. Their toxic policies are the state’s prosperity.

Thanks to these Democrats, the cost of living in most California cities is through the roof. This — along with legalized drug use — has led to rampant homelessness. Twenty-five percent of the entire country’s homeless are in California.

Democrats in the state have neglected vital infrastructure, leading to crippling droughts and wildfires in the Summer and devastating mudslides in the Fall. Their forced minimum wage increases have driven good jobs to other states.

Perhaps worst of all is their policy putting illegal aliens ahead of Americans. The entire state is a sanctuary for those who enter the country illegally. Local law enforcement is forced to release criminal aliens, instead of handing them over to federal authorities.

Their new governor whole-heartedly supports this un-American plan. He will continue to put criminals ahead of Americans, driving California into a new age of misery.

He was getting sworn into office this week. This moment was supposed to be one of victory. Instead, one honest protester reminded Newsom that many California residents are outraged.

What was supposed to be a time of pure celebration among supporters of the newly elected Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom Monday was interrupted by a protester who clearly doesn’t buy the Democrat’s “sanctuary to all who seek it” rhetoric.

In a moment caught on video, Newsom, the 40th governor of California and successor to pro-“sanctuary” Democrat Jerry Brown, can be seen on stage with his wife and four kids ready to take the oath of office. As SF Gate notes, just as the judge begins to instruct the governor to raise his right hand, the “sanctuary” of the ceremony is disrupted.

“I object!” shouts a man, who reportedly had press credentials, from the audience. “Blood is on your hands!” he shouts. “Shame on you!”

The man is quickly singled out and escorted out, but not before he makes clear what he’s protesting: the dire consequences of “sanctuary state” policies. [Source: The Daily Wire]

What blood? The blood of every American that has died at the hands of an illegal alien. Thanks to California and other liberal-run cities, aliens are protected from deportation. They are free to roam the country, wreaking havoc wherever they go.

Most recently, California police officer Ronil Singh was killed on Christmas during a routine stop by an illegal from Mexico. Singh was a legal immigrant from Fiji — who loved America so much he deserved to become a cop.

But his life was cut short by a criminal, thanks to the policies embraced by Gavin Newsom.

It is a crime against Americans for Democrats to allow such criminals to remain in our country. Worse still is the fact that they refuse to secure the border — the single thing that will keep us safe.

Why do they refuse? Because they want to import new voters. They so despise Americans and our values, they want to create an entirely new voting class, who will give them an edge in future elections.

It doesn’t matter how much damage Newsom causes to actual California citizens. In fact, even after he was called out by this protester, Newsom doubled down on his terrible policy.

At the swearing-in ceremony, Newsom, the former mayor of sanctuary city San Francisco, underscored his support for the federal immigration authorities-defying policies, promising that California will offer “sanctuary to all who seek it.”

Though he was careful not to utter Donald Trump’s name, he repeatedly hammered the president’s attempts to address the illegal immigration crisis. “A wall that should never be built.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Sure, Gavin. Tell that to the many families who lost fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers because you refuse to protect them.

This is the future of the Democratic Party: a group that looks the other way as Americans die. A party that cares more about using outsiders to win votes than putting our safety first. Everyone needs to know about the left’s sickening corruption.