Everyone Who Supported Kaepernick Just Got SCREWED — It’s Officially Over!

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Colin Kaepernick has become infamous for his “protests” during this football season. Taking a knee and refusing to stand for the National Anthem, many lambasted his ignorant sentiments, but others supported his stance — or lack thereof. However, after Kaepernick’s tantrum-filled football season, it’s safe to say those who supported him are now regretting it. In fact, they just got screwed — and it’s officially over!

Sometimes rats will jump ship as it sinks, and sometimes they get fired for a disgraceful, drama-ridden season as a result of supporting their dishonorable quarterback’s politics on the field. As a colossally embarrassing season comes to an end, 49ers head coach Chip Kelly and the team’s General Manager, Trent Baalke, have gotten the boot from owner Jed York.

The 2-14 49ers hoped that their “has been” quarterback would somehow return to the field this year with something to offer the team and its fans. Unfortunately for Frisco, Colin Kaepernick only managed to deliver a losing record and an avalanche of bad publicity instead of professional level football.

According to a report by ESPN, the 49ers officially announced Chip Kelly’s termination last Sunday night while Trent Baalke had been given the boot two days before.

The publicity nightmare with Kaepernick began at the team’s third preseason game against the Green Bay Packers on August 26. Even though Kaepernick sat on the bench during the National Anthem for the previous two preseason games, it was noticed and widely reported on after the game against the Packers.

Clearly, Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke took the team down the wrong road. Their support of Kaepernick’s anti-American shenanigans perpetuated the team’s lack of focus on playing football. Outraged fans nationwide have stopped watching the NFL altogether because of the 49ers’ disgraceful quarterback, and the league’s handling of the situation didn’t help bridge the divide between self-absorbed, overpaid football players and their fleeting fans.

According to a report by Fox Sports, Jed York released the following statement in regard to the restructuring of his team’s leadership:

I have informed Trent and Chip of my decision to pursue new leadership for our football team. These types of conversations are never easy, especially when they involve people you respect personally and professionally.

Despite my feelings for Trent and Chip, I felt the decision to change our football leadership was absolutely necessary. The performance of this team has not lived up to my expectations or those of our fans, and that is truly disappointing. We all expected to see this team progress and develop as the season went on, but unfortunately that did not happen. That is why now is the time to find a new direction for this team.

Reading between the lines, I get the impression that the 49ers owner is fed up with the political circus that Kaepernick, Kelly, and Baalke turned his team into. What say you? Sound off when you share this story, celebrating the fact that the Kaepernick saga is finally coming to the end it deserves.

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