After Swamp Rat Places ‘Spy’ In Oval Office, Trump’s Brutal Surprise Destroys Her

Right now, the Democrats and the Deep State rats are mobilizing to undermine and overthrow President Donald Trump. Never before have the brazen anti-Trump forces worked so feverishly to obliterate the president. So when one of the swamp rats place a “spy” in the Oval Office, Trump destroys her with a brutal surprise that every American has a right to know about.

President Donald Trump meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov other officials — including Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in 2017 (left), White House staffer Cari Lukens circled in red (right) (Photo Credit: Alexander ShcherbakTASS via Getty Images)

When President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the anti-Trump forces went into overdrive spewing lies and propaganda. Even staunch Trump supporters like Newt Gingrich is buying into the fake news, or he is part of the Deep State. Trump has enemies all around him.

That sparked the swamp rats into action, sensing the president is vulnerable. One leftist reporter named Emily Cahn Singer, a Hillary Clinton backer who has made a living trashing Trump, decided to intentionally lie about a “so-called” Russian spy named Maria Butina meeting with the president in the Oval Office.

However, the person in the photo Singer posted and has gone viral is not Maria Butina. It’s some White House staffer. So, who is Maria Butina? She’s the latest Deep State plant who is now charged with being a “Russian spy.” Yes, Butina is a Russian who was working for a group of Russian-Clinton associates looking to set-up Trump.

In fact, the real Butina was just charged as a spy, but Robert Mueller wants nothing to do with her because the indictment is a huge nothing-burger. It’s all a big show to make Trump look guilty. The New York Times reports, “The charges were filed by Justice Department national security prosecutors, not the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.

They add, “The investigation into Ms. Butina has been proceeding for some time and was carried out parallel to Mr. Mueller’s investigation, a former official said. FBI agents raided her home in April, her lawyer said.”

If this is such a huge deal and Butina’s home was raided back in April, why are we just hearing about it now? Also, why does Rod Rosenstein wait until Trump is set to meet with Putin to indict 12 Russians? The indictment is full of bullcrap.

The Conservative Treehouse reports, “While the DOJ document [Rosenstein’s 12 Russian indictment] is full of detailed accusations; which has given the narrative engineers a great deal of fuel; there’s a specific aspect missing.  The entire indictment (full pdf) is based on the premise of the FBI conducting some -unexplained and unsubstantiated- form of forensic data-analysis to formulate their detailed conclusions.”

CTH continues, “However, can anyone explain how this FBI forensic data-analysis was possible when the FBI was never allowed access to the DCCC, DNC and Clinton Campaign servers? The indictment is a grand exposition in explaining something without a single citation of factual evidence for how they arrived at the multitude of conclusions.”

Here’s the kicker that President Trump told the world during his presser with Putin. When Trump responded to his thoughts on the “Russian hacking our democracy” question, he blasted back, saying, “So let me just say that we have two thoughts. You have groups that are wondering why the FBI never took the server — haven’t they taken the server. Why was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee?

If you read through the entire indictment of the 12 Russians, guess who they are and what they are charged with? They are equivalent to our CIA spies, and they are charged not with hacking but with “spear-phishing.”

Is this for real? Do the Deep State rats like Rod Rosenstein think Americans are so stupid that we would buy this nonsense? Nowhere in the indictment does it even mention “hacking” anything. So, these Russians are charged with doing what any 12-year-old computer literate kid can do.

Let’s be clear. Our government and every major government on earth are spying on each other in some way. This is no bombshell. But this indictment does not prove it was Russians, or anyone, because the FBI never inspected the servers. The FBI’s entire indictment rests with a Ukrainian company called CrowdStrike who was paid by the DNC and Hillary Clinton to produce some bogus report which says, “Sure looks like the Russians hacked the DNC.”

That’s all they got for proof. The entire indictment reads like a bad spy novel. 

Trump blew up the Deep State when he asked the question, “Where are the servers?” And now he is suffering the consequences of those actions from the Putin presser. The truth is as Trump also said, “What happened to the servers of the Pakistani gentleman that worked on the DNC? Where are those servers? They’re missing; where are they?”

Yes, where are the Awan brothers and why the media blackout on the guys who really had access to the DNC servers and were caught hacking over 33 Democratic congressmen and stealing entire computers? They did obtain classified information, and they have ties to Pakistani intelligence.

Where is all the evidence that anyone hacked “our democracy?” There is not one shred of evidence, and President Trump is tired of the lies. He blew up the Deep State during the Putin presser, and now the Democrats and many GOP politicians are saying “Trump was soft on Putin, or Trump is committing treason.”

No, Trump was going with his gut. He was boldly telling the truth. Calling Putin out as a liar in front of the world would have accomplished nothing. The swamp desperately wanted Trump to take the bait and blame Putin, to cover their crimes. Trump is now banking on the American people.

We must push back against the leftist media and all their cohorts calling Trump “treasonous.” It’s time the entire truth comes out. President Trump refuses to back down from the Deep State, and every American must send a signal to those swamp rats: it’s time they crawl back into the darkness. They don’t run Washington, D.C. anymore.

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