6 Girls Accuse Syrian Refugee Of Molestation, Judge Drops All Charges With 3 Sick Words

Despite being accused by six children of sexual molestation, a judge acquitted the accused Syrian refugee after turning to the child victims and issuing three disturbing words.

6 Girls Accuse Syrian Refugee Of Molestation, Judge Says 3 Sick Words & Drops All Charges
Despite being accused by 6 children of sexual assault, 40-year-old Syrian asylum seeker Soleiman Hajj Soleiman (right) was acquitted of all charges after a judge gave a disturbing explanation. (Photo credit: YouTube, Facebook)

In the name of compassion and tolerance, the West continues to capitulate to the “tiny minority of extremists” who wish to destroy our society and replace it with a totalitarian regime. In this pro-Islamic atmosphere, Muslims are always victims because of the perceived oppression they suffer as a minority demographic. Unfortunately, when this demographic isn’t claiming to be oppressed, they are the ones doing the oppressing.

Thanks to the liberal narrative that all cultures have equal value, Sharia law is gaining a foothold in the Western justice system. Additionally, Muslim suspects are garnering sympathy in the courtrooms simply because of their diverse background. In fact, even those accused of the most reprehensible crimes are swaying the courts solely because of their minority status.

In Canada, where Sharia-style speech laws are enforced, a group of young girls between the ages of 13 and 15 came forward to accuse 40-year-old Syrian refugee Soleiman Hajj Soleiman of sexually assaulting them. Soleiman had allegedly groped and fondled the girls while swimming with them in a wave pool at the West Edmonton Mall waterpark in February 2017, Global News reports.

While several of the girls managed to confirm Soleiman as their molester, a few of the girls had trouble identifying him, likely due to many factors such as the torrential waters, clamoring crowd, and the fact that he was wearing goggles and swimming away in a hurry. Unbelievably, not only did the judge dismiss all charges against the accused, she also gave a stomach-churning explanation for her ruling.

According to CBC News, despite the fact that several of the girls managed to identify Soleiman as their molester, Judge Joyce Lester acquitted the Syrian refugee of all 12 charges, noting his “different cultural background” as a factor in her decision. The court seemingly suggested that the children either targeted Soleiman because of his cultural background or are guilty of racist thinking by possibly confusing him for the real perpetrator based on their perceived shared cultural background.

The judge also noted that during the trial not all the witnesses identified Soleiman as the offender and even for those who did, there were only a few people in the courtroom of a different cultural background to choose from. Lester noted Soleiman’s use of an interpreter throughout the trial “would also have an impact on who would be identified as the accused.”

Judge Lester claims that because all 6 children couldn’t agree that Soleiman was the man who groped them, he couldn’t possibly have molested any of the girls. Although she could have simply dropped the charges that didn’t match up with the evidence while upholding the charges that did. Disturbingly, she chose to acquit him of all 12 charges, which included 6 counts of sexual assault and 6 counts of sexual contact with a child.

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It’s possible that there may have been more than one attacker. However, the fact that the judge completely disregarded that several of the child victims positively identified Soleiman as their molester has sparked warranted outrage within the community. Still, Judge Lester maintains that she simply didn’t have “sufficient evidence” to convict the accused.

Judge Joyce Lester said it’s not that she didn’t believe the complainants or whether “something untoward” had occurred that evening, but “I have not received sufficient evidence” that the offender “is the person before me.

“I must be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt and I am not.”

She said “it would be an injustice to convict Mr. Hajj Soleiman” given all the inconsistencies in the testimony.

Judge Lester explained that her reasoning for dropping all charges was that all 6 girls could not agree on their attacker’s color of swim trunks, pattern of goggles, or hairstyle. She pointed out that descriptions included the molester having dark hair, being bald, or wearing clear or “rainbow-colored, zebra-patterned goggles.”

The judge also accused the children of “cross-contamination of evidence,” arguing that because several of the victims had discussed the case at a sleepover the night of the incident, their testimonies were not credible.

Understandably, several of the victims and their families left the courtroom weeping.

Crown prosecutor Laurie Trahan admitted her disappointment in the court’s ruling, adding that she may appeal the decision on behalf of the child victims.

Trahan said it’s not unusual for a victim of sexual assault to talk to friends, but the court decided that put the identification of the accused on a path “where evidence might have been contaminated by the girls talking to one another.

“There’s no doubt that all six of them were sexually assaulted that night at the water park. The issue was whether or not the Crown could prove it and the court today decided that we did not.”

The West is sacrificing its values, progress, and freedoms to an oppressive and culturally homogeneous ideology in the name of multiculturalism and diversity. Unfortunately, if we do not combat this threat now, it is not us who will suffer the full effects of an Islamic society but our children and grandchildren.

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