After Mayor Wears Disgusting New T-Shirt To Trash Trump On Live TV, Americans Fire Back

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto won’t stop her crusade to grab headlines and get interviews instead of helping her people. This time, she has gone too far. Wearing a new t-shirt probably sent to her from Hillary Clinton’s closet, she proudly did a live TV interview. The shirt is a direct rip on President Donald Trump, and it’s so bad that Americans thought it was photoshopped. Nope, she is really wearing it, and Americans immediately fired back. […]


WATCH: Idiot Celebrities Demand Gun Control, Pat Sajak Gives Them Brutal Reality Check

When a tragedy unfolds in the United States, the elitist Hollywood crowd is always quick to lend their unwanted opinions on the matter, and Sunday’s mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas has been no exception. Idiot celebrities were demanding gun control even as dead bodies still lay in the streets outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. However, Pat Sajak just gave these misguided liberals the brutal reality check they so badly needed. […]


Idiot Ashley Judd Blames LV Shooting On Cops In America, Gets Brutal Reality Check

We knew the Hollywood crowd would be going nuts, blaming guns for the horrendous mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. No one expected cops in America to be blamed, but leave it to Ashley Judd to make that a reality. Who can forget how she made Americans sick with her “nasty women” speech? Now, she is at it again, spewing more liberal nonsense on mass shootings and declaring why cops are to blame. Luckily, she got hit with a dose of reality that she won’t forget. […]

Entitled Ashley Judd Wants Guy Fired For Compliment, Then Real Women Put Brat In Her Place

Entitled Ashley Judd Wants Guy Fired For Compliment, Gets Put In Her Place By Real Women

Liberals are always taking things to shocking levels in their attempts to implement their view of “political correctness” into societal law. Proving just that was famed actress Ashley Judd who posted a video demanding a man be fired after he complimented her – but that’s about the time things blew up in her face as real women everywhere put the entitled brat in her place with a brutal reply. […]


Thanks To Ashley Judd, Hillary Is Selling Disgusting T-Shirts To Raise Cash For Sick Cause

Hillary Clinton is back from her long walks in the woods, and this time, she’s pimping t-shirts for sale. The disgusting tees just popped up on the former Democratic nominee’s Twitter feed, and she’s getting a ton of backlash from conservatives who find them offensive. Everything about this should make you sick, especially where all the cash is going from the sales, and then, there’s Ashley Judd’s role, which will make your skin crawl. […]


Trump Gets Revenge After Elizabeth Warren & Ashley Judd Blame Him In ‘Nasty Woman’ Rants

No one can forget Ashley Judd’s sick “Nasty Woman” rant, and now, Elizabeth Warren is mimicking Judd’s disgusting performance as they both continue to rail against President Donald Trump. Warren is trying to kickstart a run for president as she threatens Trump with “nastiness” as Judd is crying, saying she is getting cyber-bullied, and they both blame Trump. Now, the president is getting sweet revenge against the noted feminazis. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Wonder Woman Actress ‘Kicked ISIS A**’ In Real Life, Hollywood Feminists Call For Boycott

Gal Gadot, the actress who stars as “Wonder Woman,” is under fire by the Hollywood critics and liberal feminists snowflakes, like Ashley Judd. They’re appalled that she’s portraying a strong female superhero after they learned her role in “kicking ISIS a**” in real life. The Hollywood feminists are hoping to influence ticket sales as the movie premieres across the country by calling for a boycott, and they hope you’re too stupid to find out why. We’ve uncovered the truth of Gal Gadot past and her role in fighting Islamic terrorism. You’re going to love this. […]


Kellyanne Gets Revenge On Bully Anderson Cooper, Proves He’s One Big Liar

Kellyanne Conway, the Senior Adviser to President Donald Trump, was treated like dirt by Anderson Cooper during a live TV interview. Cooper kept rolling his eyes in a very visible and condescending way as Kellyanne was trying to answer his questions. Not one to be bullied, Kellyanne is striking back, and she just got some sweet revenge, letting everyone know how Anderson Cooper is one big liar. […]


Feminazis Freak Out, Claim Men Have Found New Way To ‘Rape’ Women

The crazy feminazis are back. With Ashley Judd and other hardcore feminists leading the way, they are making a wild accusation about men that is gaining acceptance. An act that men do during consensual sex is being called “stealthing,” and it equals rape and 15-20 years behind bars in their jaded minds. You’re going to be shocked at the lengths these nutjobs are going to demonize men. This will blow your mind. […]

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Ashley Judd’s NUTS, Says Women Better Off In Muslim Country For 1 Reason

Feminazi Ashley Judd is making a fool out of herself again, and this time, she is trying to educate American women. Judd is getting a lot of heat for her recent comments, alleging that women would be better off living in a Middle Eastern country. After she shared her one reason for believing this, you’re going to love how Americans blasted her for her ludicrous thinking. […]