Social Issues

Law Professor Has A Scary Proposition For Dealing With Conservative Christians

It’s no big secret that college campus are overrun with liberals, full of communist propaganda, and most professors proudly align themselves to the left. The side of the political spectrum that considers itself “tolerant” is showing its true colors once again, as a Harvard law professor calls for a special kind of “tolerance” aimed at conservative Christians. […]

Social Issues

SEE IT: European Leader SHOCKS Muslim World, OUTLAWS Islamic Infiltration

Finally, a leader in Europe is speaking the truth and taking steps to protect their country. With most of Europe sitting on their hands and allowing their countries to become overrun by roving Muslim thugs, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban isn’t taking it anymore. Orban is leading his country back into the light, and you’ll love his new law which is cutting off the Muslim invaders’ heads and leaving them with no way to spread their “religion of peace.” […]

Cops & Criminals

Thug Punk’s Serial Selfies Attract Attention, The Reason Will Tick You Off

In the era of social media, the selfie has become a common occurrence in our society. In hopes of garnering likes and acclaim, self-indulgent pictures are frequently posted for the world to see. Recently, one thug punk succeeded in getting noticed with his serial selfies, but when you see the reason they’ve gained so much attention, it should leave you extremely ticked off. […]