Hillary’s Secret: The ONE Thing The Clintons Have Tried To Hide For Years

Hillary Clinton is trying to appeal to the masses as a moderate Democrat. Now that she’s pretty much locked in the nomination, she is pulling back on her far left tactics and trying to transform, so she can grab independent voters. However, Hillary’s biggest secrets is something that will leave most voters convinced she is not just a liar, but she is a threat to liberty itself. This is one thing the Clintons have tried to hide for years, but it’s time every voter knows about it. […]

Gun Rights

Obama’s Pick For Supreme Court Is Bad News For Conservatives & Gun Rights

Hiding behind labels like “Jewish,” “moderate,” and “centrist,” Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia seems like he might be a good fit for a polarized political environment. However, once we scratch the surface, we notice that in one key area of importance to conservatives, Obama’s SCOTUS pick is not a friend of ours. […]