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Rush Blasts Kamala’s ‘Medicare For All,’ Reminds Americans Of Obama’s Death Panels

Rush Limbaugh was on fire as he reminded Americans about Barack Obama’s original plan of a single-payer health care system, also known as “Medicare for all.” Now, Kamala Harris is promising such a plan along with every other Democrat who will run for the presidency. “Obama admitted on live TV this free healthcare comes with death panels,” said Limbaugh. He went on to prove how these death panels operate. Don’t miss this. […]

Political Opinion

Chelsea Claims She’s ‘Deeply Religious’ & ‘Abortion Is Christian,’ Gets Brutal Surprise

Chelsea Clinton is eyeing a political run in 2020 and has decided the main issue she’ll champion is abortion. In a SiriusXM interview, the daughter of a failed presidential candidate was defending the 58 million abortions in America by claiming she is “deeply religious” as she went on to explain it’s obvious to leftists that abortion is Christian. Well, Ms. Clinton immediately got a brutal surprise she won’t ever forget. […]


Cher Says Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Will F*ck Blacks & Gays, She Gets Nasty Surprise

Cher went bonkers over President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. She went on a tirade, dropping the “F-bomb” and claiming Trump’s causing the end of the world and Brett Kavanaugh is his “Darth Vadar.” The 72-year-old entertainer said, “LBGT rights, abortion rights, screwed, gone. Black people will lose the right to vote!” That’s when Cher got a nasty surprise you’ll love. […]