Chelsea Gets Brutal Wake Up Call From Trump After She Puts Down Ivanka In Public

Chelsea Clinton is trying too hard to be seen as a snarky liberal, and she is coming off as a whiny baby. Chelsea seems to weigh in on everything via Twitter, and she’s obsessed with taking on the Trumps. So, when the mainstream media went crazy over Ivanka Trump sitting in for her father at the G-20 Summit for a few minutes, Chelsea decided to confront President Donald Trump — but that was a huge mistake. […]


Trump Gets Revenge After Elizabeth Warren & Ashley Judd Blame Him In ‘Nasty Woman’ Rants

No one can forget Ashley Judd’s sick “Nasty Woman” rant, and now, Elizabeth Warren is mimicking Judd’s disgusting performance as they both continue to rail against President Donald Trump. Warren is trying to kickstart a run for president as she threatens Trump with “nastiness” as Judd is crying, saying she is getting cyber-bullied, and they both blame Trump. Now, the president is getting sweet revenge against the noted feminazis. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Trump Just Gave Michelle A Nasty Surprise, Crushes Her Healthy Food ‘Legacy’ For Good

If you thought Michelle Obama was livid over her rejected school lunch program before, she will be downright furious now. President Donald Trump just crushed her healthy food legacy in an epic move to completely erase all traces of Michelle’s horrible healthy foods program that had tentacles everywhere in American society. Trump made sure she got a nasty surprise that is pissing her off. You don’t want to miss this. […]


WATCH: Chelsea’s Book Signing Descends Into Chaos As ‘Special Guest’ Makes Unexpected Appearance

Chelsea Clinton’s recent book signing event in New York City was interrupted by a “special guest” who made an unexpected appearance. Upon making one seemingly simple request, the book signing descended into what could only be emotional chaos for the only Clinton child, and it was all caught on tape. Unfortunately for Chelsea, it’s unlikely anyone has any sympathy for her. You don’t want to miss this. […]

After Chelsea Opens Fat Trap, Philippines Leader Puts Her In Her Place With 5 Bold Words

After Chelsea Runs Her Mouth, Philippines Leader Slams Her With 1 Bold Question

The Clinton family has proven, time and time again, that they have virtually no sense of self-accountability, and people around the world are, quite frankly, tired of it. Unfortunately for Chelsea Clinton, she just learned that the hard way after she launched an attack on the President of the Philippines – and that’s about the time he put her in her place with one unexpected question. […]


Chelsea Goes After President Trump, Immediately Gets Hit With Instant Karma

The mainstream media and political elites have been pushing Chelsea Clinton as the next big thing, positioning her to run for political office. Chelsea is trying to make her own name by attacking conservatives, but she just made a huge mistake, going after President Donald Trump. She was immediately hit with a dose of instant karma, leaving Trump and his supporters laughing hard and Hillary’s daughter looking like a big fool. […]


What Chelsea Is Doing On New Magazine Cover Pisses Off Patriots Everywhere

The Clinton machine is forcing big time Hollywood liberals to push dear daughter Chelsea on all of America. This latest stunt on a famous magazine cover, with a big time spread inside the special issue, is pissing off every patriot who sees it, and the claims that it makes are an outrage. In fact, it should be Ivanka Trump on this cover. You’ll agree when you see what the Clintons have done now. […]


Chelsea Gives Shocking Answer After Liberals Beg Her To Run Against Trump

Apparently, there are those in the liberal media who are gushing with anticipation to see Chelsea Clinton take on Donald Trump in 2020. This is no joke; they are dead serious, and when Chelsea appeared on “CBS This Morning,” the liberal panel posed that exact question to the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton. You’ll be shocked by Chelsea’s response, which is causing quite a stir with top Democratic politicians. […]