Trump Gets Last Laugh After Robert De Niro Calls His Budget Cuts ‘Bullsh*t’

Robert De Niro uses every opportunity to rail against President Donald Trump, and as he received a “Lifetime Achievement Award,” things were no different. De Niro zeroed in on certain budget cuts, calling them “bullsh*t” just because he sees them as something the country can’t do without. You’ll love how Trump is getting the last laugh as he proves De Niro is the real idiot when it comes to knowing what Americans truly need. […]


Insane Celebs Claim Trump’s Behind United Airline Fight In Evil Master Plan

A group of Hollywood celebrities is spreading a crazy conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump is behind the United Airline incident. They say that he is the mastermind who manipulated events to make sure that an Asian doctor was drug off a plane. You’ll be laughing hard at how these idiots have completely lost their minds when you hear the ridiculous reason that they say Trump orchestrated a man getting beat-up on a plane. […]


Hours Before Oscars, Posters Mocking Hollywood ‘ASSHOLES’ Seen All Over LA

With just 48 hours to go before Hollywood’s biggest night, a Los Angeles-based self-described “rebel artist” began plastering Tinsel Town with a series of posters which brilliantly mock the upcoming Academy Awards. Leftist celebs like Meryl Streep, who live in a bubble and are notoriously out-of-touch with what the rest of the world thinks of them, were not prepared for the message that was seen all over Hollywood. […]

Political Opinion

Man Offers To PAY Jon Stewart & Other Liberals To Fullfill Their Promises

Glen K. Beaton is more than just your average guest opinion writer. Beaton, who resides in the Denver-metro area, has written several opinion pieces for The Aspen Times, but none that have gotten him the amount of attention as his latest. Beaton is offering Jon Stewart and other liberals the chance to not only fulfill their promises, but he’s going to pay them to follow through. […]