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Cops Get Unexpected Guest At Station, Then They See What’s In Their Hands

As chaos erupted across our nation following the police-involved deaths of two armed men, which sparked violence towards law enforcement across multiple states, it’s safe to say cops are likely on edge. When police in Hagerstown, Maryland got an unexpected guest at their station, they were likely apprehensive — then they saw what was in the visitor’s hands and knew what they had to do. […]


BUSTED! See Which Fast Food Joint Hypocritical Dems Called During Sit-In [VID]

The Democrats’ dramatic temper tantrum on the House floor has been all over the Internet. As they take heat for their self-serving sit-in, which is nothing more than a stunt for votes and money, the criticisms are vast and plenty. However, the best may be yet to come since they made an extremely hypocritical move when hunger struck, calling a fast food joint that’s sure to cause an uproar, and they got busted. […]

Empty Tables Pop Up At Chik-Fil-A, Every American Should Understand Why
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Chick-Fil-A’s Missing Man Table Has Distinct Items, Here’s What Each Represents

Empty tables are popping up at Chik-fil-A locations across America. They have such a profound meaning, and every American should understand why – even you. While the “Missing Man” table is becoming a common trend, Chik-fil-A chose specific items that have a distinct meaning, and you may have missed some of the sentiments behind what’s chosen for their display. […]