Ted Nugent Has SHOCKING Plan To Screw Trump Haters & You’re Gonna LOVE It

Ted Nugent is one of President Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters, and he did all he could to help Trump win the state of Michigan. Nugent doesn’t mince words, and he is pissed off right now. Seeing what these Trump haters and traitors are doing in Washington, D.C., as they try to discredit our president, Nugent just announced his shocking plan to screw them, and you’re going to love it. […]


Schumer’s Sick Past EXPOSED As Trump Mocks His ‘Fake Tears’ On ‘Muslim Ban’

President Donald Trump mocked Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for his “bad acting” and “fake tears” as the cameras rolled while Chuck lied through his teeth about Trump’s executive order to pause immigration to seven terrorist countries. Trump is sick of these liberals spewing their lies, and now, we’ve uncovered Schumer’s sick past that he’s been hiding, which the leftist loons don’t want you to know. […]