Ford’s Case Blows Up, Democrats Roll Out New Accuser & Are Caught ‘Fixing Evidence’

Just as Christine Blasey Ford’s case against Brett Kavanaugh blows up as all four of her witnesses deny ever being at the gathering, the Democrats immediately roll out a new accuser, Deborah Ramirez. That’s when Senator Dianne Feinstein got sloppy and now is in a heap of trouble. In fact, the Democrats have just been caught red-handed “fixing evidence” that proves this continued Kavanaugh smear campaign is nothing but one big ruse. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Joy Claims: Old White Men Protecting Coward Who’s Guilty, Immediately Regrets It

Joy Behar went on a tirade, calling Brett Kavanaugh “a coward” while she claimed it’s “old white men who are protecting him” and adding the SCOTUS nominee is “probably guilty.” If you listen to Behar’s entire rant, there is no doubt Joy believes Kavanaugh is guilty. Joy said Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth because she took a “lie detector test.” Well, Behar immediately regretted it, and now she looks like a big fool. […]


Obama & Montel Attack Benghazi Hero Over ‘Wild Conspiracy,’ Forced To Regret It

Montel Williams attacked Benghazi hero Kris Paronto. It all started after Barack Obama blamed “the Republican Party, for ‘wild conspiracy theories – like those surrounding Benghazi,'” in his recent speech. Paranto was livid, especially after Barack also claimed, “And, I killed Osma Bin Laden.” After the Benghazi hero set the record straight on who really killed Bin Laden and exposed the truth about Benghazi, Montel decided to call him a “Liar.” Paronto made Williams and Obama instantly regret it. […]


SEE IT: Alyssa Milano Has Her Bodyguards Bully NRA Member, Gets Nasty Surprise

Alyssa Milano, the D-list celebrity, was at the NRA Convention with her team of bodyguards protesting our Second Amendment rights. Milano’s hypocrisy was showing when an NRA member approached her for a conversation and she’s caught on video sending in her security team to bully the NRA member and his kids. That’s when things go sideways and poor ignorant Alyssa gets shocked by a nasty surprise. […]