Democrats Plan To Have Nasty Surprise Awaiting Donald Trump In Detroit

When it comes to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Democrats can’t help but show their true colors, trying to block him from winning the White House in November anyway that they can. What being a Democrat is all about will soon be on full display as the liberals plan to have a nasty surprise waiting for the GOP nominee and his supporters in Detroit. […]


Grieving Military Mom SICK As She Sees What Obama Did At Her Son’s Casket

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has made his disdain for our military men and women crystal clear. Countless actions by the Commander-in-Chief have shown his disrespect and outraged Americans, but just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does. The latest story, revealing the deplorable thing Obama did during a Navy SEAL’s funeral, takes the cake, and it should have you seething with rage. […]


Benghazi Mom Fights Back, Blasts Hillary For Son’s Death & Asks One Thing

“Benghazi mom” Patricia Smith gets called names by the Democrats. Those on the left hate her because she will not go away. She won’t back down, and her story about what happened with Hillary Clinton after her son’s death in Benghazi has never changed. Now, she’s going on the record, giving more details about her phone call with her son Sean Smith the night before he died, and she had a few choice words for Hillary. […]


Clint Eastwood Thrashes The PC Crowd, Has A Few Words About Donald Trump

Outspoken actor Clint Eastwood is not one to sit idly by and watch the country fall into the hands of liberals. He was an outspoken supporter of Mitt Romney in the 2012 election cycle and even used the famous “empty chair” during a speech to get his point across about the damage Barack Obama and liberal policy has done to the nation. Well, Eastwood is back, and he’s still not mincing words. […]


‘Concerned’ Mom Tries To Take Down Trump, There’s Just One BIG Problem

Catherine Byrne, presenting herself as a “concerned mom,” attended a Mike Pence rally to tell him that Muslim dad Khizr Khan was totally disrespected by Donald Trump and that Pence should disavow him. The mainstream media is using the moment to make Trump look bad, but new information is coming to light, and Americans should be shaking their heads after seeing the one big problem with Catherine Byrne. […]


Watch What Happens As ‘Black & Brown’ Activists Spot Trump Supporter In Park

While in a public park, a man wearing a hat emblazoned with Donald Trump’s campaign slogan ran into a pack of rabid protesters, and what happened next is rightfully pissing people off. With the slogan “Make America Great Again” on display, that was enough for the “black and brown activists” to treat him a certain way. Luckily, it was all caught on video, exposing where the “problem” really lies as racial tensions rise. […]


Obama Says Trump’s ‘Unfit,’ But There’s 1 Huge Problem He Didn’t See Coming

Today, Barack Obama used a joint press conference with the Singapore Prime Minister to launch into a six-minute tirade against Donald Trump, calling him “unfit.” As Trump fought back on social media, the truth was exposed, and there’s one huge problem with what Obama said. Now, it’s safe to say, Obama never saw it coming, and it makes him look really ridiculous. […]


[Video] New Damning Evidence Has Hillary’s Hands Covered In More Blood

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is again speaking out, but this time, it’s in a video interview with a media source that didn’t edit his statements to protect Democrats. The new, damning evidence about Hillary Clinton will add to the wreckage of her campaign, proving once again how dirty she is and exposing even more blood on her hands. It looks like Christmas has come early for Trump supporters this year. […]