Obama Promises He Won’t Go Away, Has Big Plans After Trump’s Inauguration

Barack Obama is quite possibly the most narcissistic human being on the planet. He announced a bold and rather annoying plan that extends beyond January 20, 2017, which includes being a pain in the butt to every conservative in the United States. Obama promises that he’s not leaving after Donald Trump is inaugurated, and his big plans are making everyone roll their eyes. […]


After Obama & Rosie Go Into Meltdown Mode & LIE, Trump Slaps Them HARD

Barack Obama and Rosie O’Donnell are in meltdown mode over the upcoming January 20th inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Representing the elite Washington, D.C. liberals and Hollywood far leftists, Obama and Rosie have been spinning lies, and Trump has had enough, slapping them hard with the truth and kicking them in the ass with words that expose how desperate these liberal losers have become. […]