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Tyrant Obama Tries To Ruin Economy, But Trump Promises MASSIVE Blowback

Barack Obama is a narcissist and a sore loser. He obviously can’t handle the fact that Donald Trump won the presidential election and will move into the White House at the end of this month, so Obama has decided to make life as hard on Trump and us as he can, proving he’s a rather disturbed tyrant. Luckily, as Obama tries to ruin our economy, Trump is promising massive blowback. […]

Cops & Criminals

Thugs Who Tortured White Teen Get PERFECT Karma They Never Saw Coming

Social media is becoming fully saturated with the story about the four disgusting individuals who kidnapped a special needs teen and tortured him as punishment for all white people. Unfortunately for the thugs, they just got exactly what they deserved as they were just force-fed a massive dose of karma that they never saw coming — and it is beyond perfect. […]

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Obama Throws One Last WH Party, LOOK Who We Found On The Guest List

Apparently, the Obamas don’t think they have spent enough of your tax dollars during their lavish Christmas vacation in Hawaii — you know, the one they just returned from this week. They have decided to throw one final shindig at the White House before they are officially forced to leave. As if that’s not bad enough, you won’t believe who we found on the guest list. […]

Moron Claims Torture Vid Wasn’t A Hate Crime, Gives Sick 6 Word Excuse
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Moron Says 6 Infuriating Words, Claiming Torture Video Isn’t A Hate Crime

Liberal whiners always have a ridiculous excuse up their sleeve when something embarrassing happens regarding their political view. In fact, after the shocking video went viral involving four black people torturing a developmentally challenged young man, one well-known leftist moron publically claimed the video wasn’t a hate crime as she said 6 infuriating words. […]


Days Before Obama Leaves, Oprah Reveals Shocking TRUTH About Michelle

As many Americans count down the days until Barack Obama leaves our White House, a few liberal celebrities are still making a fuss over the current First Family. One such celebrity, who’s had nothing but praise for the Obamas, is Oprah Winfrey. After conducting Michelle’s final interview as First Lady, leftists turned to Oprah for her opinion on the topics discussed, and she just revealed a shocking truth about Michelle. […]

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One Last Frightening Attempt By Liberals To STOP Donald Trump’s Presidency

Liberals have been dead set on overturning the election results ever since their pink bubbles of glitter and fairy dust were busted when they saw “President-elect Donald Trump” scroll across the bottom of their television screens. The multiple attempts at recounts and cry-ins haven’t worked yet, but they think they have one more ace up their sleeve. […]