VIDEO: Nazi-Like DNC Locks Out Anti-Hillary Crowd, Media Caught In BIG Lie

Ever since the Democratic National Committee’s Wikileaks scandal, the Democratic National Convention has been off the rails. Boos and jeers rocked the convention from day one, and it’s apparent that half of the party hates Hillary Clinton. Now, uncensored video from Philadelphia exposes the Nazi-like tactics the DNC is employing against the anti-Hillary crowd, revealing the one big lie the media was caught reporting. […]


Hillary Horrified When New Poll Shows Where Americans Think She Belongs

The Hillary Clinton camp is doing major damage control after a brutal poll was just released, revealing the true sentiments of the American people. The Democratic presidential nominee thinks she can get away with her scandals by being exonerated by the offices she has wrapped around her corrupt little finger. However, the new poll shows where many people want to see her, and it’s not the White House. […]


As People See What’s Near DNC Podium, Democrats Show Hypocrisy In 4 Ways

As we’ve all heard, hypocritical Democrats at the Democratic National Convention built a wall around the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to keep out everyone but the elites, even though they are vastly opposed to walls suggested by Donald Trump. However, after the events began, people quickly saw another ironic item near the podium in addition to 3 other ways their hypocrisy was on full display. […]


Chuck Norris Warns Republicans & Makes Prediction About Trump Presidency

With the 2016 presidential race heating up, it seems everyone has something to say about it, but when American icon and overall badass Chuck Norris speaks, it’s wise to listen. The famous martial artist, actor, film producer, and screenwriter, who also served in the United States Air Force, just gave Republicans a warning before making a surprising prediction about a Trump presidency, and it’s time to take note. […]


SHOCKING: Wikileaks Exposes 3 Dirty Ways DNC Is Stealing Election From Trump

With over 20,000 Democratic National Committee (DNC) secret emails leaked on Friday, it has taken online researchers days to sift through them and pull out the most damning correspondences. It paints a corrupt picture of the DNC officials, but most disturbing are the 3 dirty ways these snakes are trying to dupe Americans and steal the 2016 presidential election from Donald Trump. […]


Hillary’s VP Pick Is No Christian — Tim Kaine’s BIG Secret No One Can Know

Hillary Clinton thinks she was being really slick by picking Tim Kaine for her vice presidential running mate. She hopes he will appeal to Hispanics because he knows a few Spanish words, but what she wants even more is for him to connect with Christians, grabbing their votes. Unfortunately, Tim Kaine is no Christian, and there is a big secret that the left doesn’t want the media to report. […]


Hillary’s ‘Seizure’ Captured On Video After DNC Emails Leaked BIG Secret

Is Hillary Clinton having a seizure? That is the headline after the former Secretary of State was caught with a strange head bob on video. This comes on the heels of the Wikileaks dump of more than 20,000 emails all from the Democratic National Committee, and there’s one big secret exposed that is causing Hillary’s head to explode — all captured on this one video. […]