Pelosi: Schiff Used Trump’s Words, Did Not Make It Up – Gets Destroyed

Nancy Pelosi told millions of Americans this morning that Rep. Adam Schiff did not fabricate President Donald Trump’s conversation with Ukraine’s president when he gave testimony during Congressional hearings last week. Asked if it was “fair” for Schiff to give a “dramatic interpretation,” Pelosi told Good Morning America: “Yeah, it’s fair. He didn’t make it up.” Well, that’s when the House Speaker got utterly destroyed. You’ll love this. […]

Muslims Try Swindling White Bus Driver, But Allah Didn’t Teach Them 1 Thing About Infidels
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Muslim Migrants Try To Swindle Bus Driver, But What His Boss Did Made Everything Worse

A video is going viral after a few migrants decided to try their luck at taking advantage of a local bus driver. Not one to be swindled, the driver quickly put them in their place, recording the incident for proof of what they had done, but unfortunately, it would all backfire. In fact, what his boss did after seeing the footage made a bad situation so much worse. […]

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WATCH: Young Beauty Live-Streams Her Own Death, Then Cops Notice What’s In The Background

When internet users were first introduced to live stream technology, it seemed to be the coolest new trend in social media. Now, however, we have seen the darker side as teens broadcast their own suicide and horrifying sexual assaults are posted online. When a beautiful young woman began a live stream of her own, she had no idea it would ultimately capture her death, and the cops would later notice what was in the background the whole time. […]