Lopez ‘Sorry’ For Accepting Bounty To Assassinate Trump – ‘Too Little Too Late’

George Lopez, the comedian and rabid hater of President Donald Trump, indicated to Iranian authorities that he would be happy to accept the job of assassinating the president. In fact, Lopez is now “apologizing” for claiming he would kill the president for a mere $40 million dollars after Iran placed an $80 million dollar bounty on Trump’s head. Well, poor George just found out it’s too little, too late. Don’t miss this. […]


Months Before Royal Wedding, Shocking Find Made At Meghan’s Toronto ‘Bachelorette Pad’

Prince Harry’s finacée Meghan Markle was one of the many celebrities who threatened to move to Canada if Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016, citing “misogyny” and “divisiveness” as reasons to leave the country. Well, he won alright, and now, a shocking find has been spotted at Markle’s “bachelorette pad” in Toronto. […]


WATCH: George Lopez Bashes Trump At Major Gala, Fed-Up ‘White’ Audience Makes Him Pay

Earlier this week, George Lopez was slated to emcee the Carousel Ball in Denver, a gala for juvenile diabetes, where tables go for anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 to benefit the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes. When the comedian tried to politicize the charity event, which was chock-full of successful businesspeople who support President Donald Trump, the fed-up “white” audience decided to make him pay for his irreverence in the perfect way. […]


George Lopez Tells Trump To ‘Deport The Police,’ Immediately Regrets Opening His Big Mouth

Actor and comedian George Lopez took to Instagram this week to share a suggestion for President Donald Trump about deportation. He must have taken some advice from Kathy Griffin on how to end his career because the backlash to his idiotic choice of words is going to have him in the unemployment line very soon. After telling Trump to “deport the police,” Lopez immediately regretted opening his big mouth. […]


Joy Behar Attacks Melania & Barron With Low-Blow ‘Sexual Remarks,’ Gets Epic Smackdown

Joy Behar, the idiot host from The View, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and made the huge mistake of attacking Melania and Barron Trump. The remarks were tasteless, tactless, and of a sexual nature. Behar can’t seem to shake her obsession with President Donald Trump and his family, but this time, she went too far as she immediately got an epic smackdown she won’t soon forget. […]


Nasty Kathy Griffin Threatens Trump In An Obscene ‘Blood-Thirsty’ Way, Just Like Terrorists

Kathy Griffin, the “D-list” comedian, must be trying to beat Rosie O’Donnell as the most disgusting Trump-hater on earth. Griffin is crying for attention, and it was so evident after she decided to threaten President Donald Trump with one of the most blood-thirsty sick scenes. It’s so horrendous, patriots are calling for Griffin to be put in prison. You’ll want her to go there too after you see just how sick these liberal losers are truly becoming. […]