Blood Seen Dripping Off Plane, Crew Shocked When They Peer Near The Wheels
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Blood Dripping From Plane, Crew Shocked When They Investigate Landing Gear

A United States charter flight was hired by the South African government to transport millions of Rand (South African currency) from Munich, Germany to Durban, South Africa. However, when the crew stopped in Harare, Zimbabwe, they noticed blood had dripped from the plane. Once the ground crew investigated the landing gear, they were more than shocked to see what was hidden inside. […]

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Germany Sings New Tune: ‘Refugees’ Must Go Home, But There’s One Problem

The time for corrective action may now be upon Angela Merkel, as she appears to be in the initial stages of a backtrack on her public level of commitment to the influx of groping, assaulting savages intermingled with the occasional civilized, moral refugee. She’s changing her tune, and it should be a warning to the rest of the Western world to learn from her mistakes. […]