147 FBI Agents Scour Hillary’s Emails, Closest Aides Can End Her For Good

Things are heating up in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal investigation. New information has surfaced, and it’s not good for the former Secretary of State. Most people think the Democrat front-runner will skate easily by these potential charges, but the FBI is making a power play. Most troubling for Hillary are her closest aides, who are going on the hot seat, and what they will say could end Hillary for good. […]


Why GOP Grassroots Supporters Terrify One Big Time Democratic Leader

A high-ranking Democratic leader is trying to cover-up the fear the party is feeling. They fear the growing movement within the Republican party, mainly grassroots supporters who are shaking up this election cycle. Although this big time Democratic leader won’t say it outright, you can surmise from their words that what is terrifying the party is a particular group of supporters, and they want them gone at any cost. […]


Hillary’s Latest Fundraiser Shows Exactly What She’ll Do If Elected President

The Democrats and their front-runner, Hillary Clinton, love to champion the “working man” and minorities when they campaign for votes. A party built on lies by liars cannot possibly understand the utter hypocrisy in Hillary’s fundraisers, and her latest one should tell you all that you need to know about what she’ll do if she’s becomes the President of the United States. […]


Hillary’s Secret: The ONE Thing The Clintons Have Tried To Hide For Years

Hillary Clinton is trying to appeal to the masses as a moderate Democrat. Now that she’s pretty much locked in the nomination, she is pulling back on her far left tactics and trying to transform, so she can grab independent voters. However, Hillary’s biggest secrets is something that will leave most voters convinced she is not just a liar, but she is a threat to liberty itself. This is one thing the Clintons have tried to hide for years, but it’s time every voter knows about it. […]


Rush Limbaugh Pressed About His Stance On Trump, Finally Gives His Answer

Rush Limbaugh is an outspoken conservative personality. However, one caller felt he was too quiet on the topic of GOP front-runner Donald Trump and demanded to know why Rush isn’t warning his listeners. As the caller continued to press Rush on his stance about the Republican candidate, he finally gave a poignant answer that should open the eyes of many Americans — especially those on the right side of the political aisle. […]


SEE IT: Hannity Blasts Hispanic Journalist, Dispels Huge Lie About Trump

Sean Hannity took a Hispanic journalist to task over his ongoing attempts to discredit Donald Trump. Hannity was down right fiery, as he shouted over the journalist, who was on a mission to play games and hoped to gain votes for Hillary Clinton. The truth coming out caused this journalist to spew hatred, and you’ll cheer as you watch Hannity land blow after blow, knocking out this guy’s lies about Trump. […]


[VIDEO] Only 36 Hours After Brussels Attack, Here’s How Obama Celebrated

President Barack Obama continues on his South American tour, instead of heading back to Washington after the Brussels terror attack. To make matters worse, Obama has been causing outrage with his activities, and this one takes the cake. Only 36 hours after the world learned of the carnage, Obama did something so distasteful, Americans are completely disgusted, and they’re not afraid to let him know it. […]