Benghazi Info Dropped As Americans Distracted by Christmas

While You Were Opening Presents, Here’s What Obama QUIETLY Slipped Past Us

With all the tactics the current administration pulls, none are more telling than when Barack Obama acts during a time in which the American people are likely busy with other things. Proving this to be the case most recently, it seems that as we were all opening presents, Obama decided to slip something past the people in hopes that we didn’t notice. Too bad for him, we did. […]

Trump Redirects Hillary Clinton's Website After She Lied about Him

Trump Gave Hillary AWESOME Christmas ‘Gift’ After She Lied About Him

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump wasn’t too happy with Hillary Clinton after she went on national television and lied about Trump appearing in propaganda videos for the Islamic State terror group (ISIS/Daesh), and he’s been rather vocal about it. Rather than be all talk and no action, he decided to give her an early “gift” for Christmas, and it’s awesome. […]