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Murderer’s ‘Special Treatment’ May Cause Transgenders To Commit Crimes

Jeffrey Norsworthy took a .22 caliber MK1 semi-automatic rifle out of his car in a parking lot and fired three rounds at the genitals of Franklin Gordon Liefer Jr. This was in 1987, and Liefer died six weeks later from his injuries. Now, Jeffrey wants to become Michelle, a transgender woman, and you’ll be completely sickened by what is going on that will likely encourage other identity confused people to go out and commit crimes. […]

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‘Christians Are To Blame For Muslim Extremists,’ Here’s The Left’s Reason Why

Leave it to the leftist media to blame American Christians for everything. In a series of articles, these “tolerant” leftists say we just need to accept a few things as Christians, and it’s no surprise this is leaving many completely pissed off, as they hear the reason that liberals say Christians are to blame for Muslim “extremists.” […]

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[VIDEO] Radical Muslim Leader & Hillary Clinton Share ONE Thing In Common

In the aftermath of the Brussels terrorist attacks, many on the left are calling for restraint. Hillary Clinton’s speech after Brussels called for the same “moderation,” and it seems she is not alone. One Muslim leader taking a radical stand, and Hillary is in agreement. What they say uncovers the true meaning behind what the left wants, and you’ll be blown away by their hidden agenda to keep terrorism alive and well in the Western world. […]

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Parents Outraged: This May Be The Future Of America If Muslims Get Their Way

Disturbing reports about Muslim practices and their efforts to force non-believers to observe Sharia law are becoming more prevalent in the world today. By now, most Americans have heard details about troubling actions in observance of Ramadan. While most of the incidents normally occur in areas outside of the United States, there is still a possibility Americans could face the same turmoil in the near future. […]