Schiff Freaks – Barr Ramps Up Russia Probe To Full-Blown Criminal Investigation

News broke last night that Attorney General Bill Barr authorized U.S. Prosecutor John Durham to turn his probe into the deep state into a full-blown criminal investigation, and it hit the Democrats hard. Immediately, Adam Schiff started freaking out, causing him to make wild accusations. In fact, Trump-haters across the country are all in meltdown mode. You’ll love this. […]


Young GOP Congresswoman Scares Hell Out Of Schiff, Exposes His Dirty Game

Nancy Pelosi couldn’t predict that the youngest GOP congresswoman, who sits on Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee and has been present for every bit of his inquiry, would speak out and scare the hell out of him and his handlers. Well, that’s exactly what Rep. Elise Stefanik just did by exposing Schiff’s behind the scenes dirty dealings and tactics. You’ll love this. […]


Barr ‘Significantly Expands’ Coup Investigation, Obama’s CIA Panics & Lawyers Up

Attorney General Bill Barr just dropped a bomb on the deep state saboteurs who are under investigation for allegedly plotting a soft coup attempt against President Donald Trump. Barr has given John Durham, the U.S. prosecutor from Connecticut, the go-ahead to “significantly expand” his ongoing investigation. But that’s not all. Barr had one more bomb to drop on Barack Obama and his former CIA officials, who panicked and lawyered up. You’ll love this. […]


Pelosi Freaks, Cuts Off Mic Of Rep. Scalise Exposing Impeachment Strategy

Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a Democrat closed-door meeting yesterday as the radical far-left squad pushes her to take a vote in the House to begin real impeachment proceedings. However, Pelosi doesn’t want to do that. Instead, she has a secret strategy to impeach President Donald Trump. When Rep. Steve Scalise took to the House floor and started revealing it, Pelosi freaked and cut off his mic. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Schiff Kicks Gatez Out Of Impeachment Deposition, Proof It’s ‘Kangaroo Court’

Rep. Matt Gaetz is livid. This morning House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff kicked him out of a so-called impeachment deposition. “If Adam Schiff and House Democrats felt good about the facts in their case, they would want everyone to see them,” said Gaetz, adding the entire process is one big “kangaroo court.” Gaetz also wants all supporters of the president to know who was on the stand and why Schiff didn’t want him to hear her statements. Don’t miss this. […]


Hillary: I Need ‘Rematch’ with Trump, ‘I Can Beat Him Again’ — Gets Reality Check

Hillary Clinton wants a rematch with President Donald Trump. The failed presidential candidate appeared on PBS yesterday where she made this direct threat at Trump: “There does need to be a rematch. I mean, obviously, I can beat him again.” Hillary went on about how she was robbed and is ready to give it another try. However, she got a huge reality check as Americans utterly destroyed her calls for a rematch. You’ll love this. […]


Schiff Staffer Went On Mystery Ukraine Trip For Think Tank Backed By Burisma

Rep. Adam Schiff’s staffer was caught visiting Ukraine for a think tank backed by Hunter Biden’s former company Burisma. But that’s not all. This trip is causing Schiff a lot of grief due to the mystery surrounding it, and it relates to the so-called whistleblower complaint. Well, we’ve uncovered the mystery, and you don’t want to miss all the shocking details. […]


Barr Brings Guest On ‘Italian Vacay’ – Obama’s Deep State Freaks Out

Attorney General Bill Barr has been on an Italian vacation, or that’s what we thought. Barr slipped out of the country about 10 days ago, and now stunning reports say he is not on vacation at all. Nope, Barr is hot on the trail of those who were involved in the coup attempt, and making matters worse for the Barack Obama deep staters is Barr’s “mystery guest,” who is causing them to really freak out. You’re going to love this. […]


De Niro: CNN Tells Truth About ‘Crazy’ Trump, ‘F*ck’ Fox News — Gets Reality Check

Robert De Niro once again gave his opinion on politics while making an appearance on CNN over the weekend. The Hollywood leftist was unhinged as he spoke about President Donald Trump. De Niro claimed we should all thank God for CNN who is telling Americans the truth about “crazy” Trump. When asked about Fox News, De Niro exclaimed: “F*ck Fox News!” However, poor Bobby got a big reality check immediately following his outbursts. […]


Pelosi & Schiff Got Played By Trump, Now Real Smoking Gun Is Found

President Donald Trump has played Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff like a fiddle. In fact, the leftist media is joining Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Schiff in complete panic mode following the release of the Ukrainian phone call after Trump outsmarted them yesterday. Now, the real smoking gun which will be the downfall of many swamp dwellers has just been found. You don’t want to miss this. […]