WATCH: Wallace FORCES Hillary Camp To Admit One HUGE Lie In Her Statement

FOX News anchor Chris Wallace drilled Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook about Hillary’s response to the renewed FBI probe into her emails. During Wallace’s pointed line of questioning, he revealed a huge falsehood that Hillary spewed to the public in her statement, and he refused to allow Mook to skate around it, forcing the flustered campaign manager to admit on national television that Hillary lied — again. […]


Hillary Melts Down Over Weiner In Public, PICS Prove Campaign Is Imploding

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is imploding, and it’s so bad that she was caught having a mini meltdown after her press conference as she tried to explain this new email investigation by the FBI, thanks to Anthony Weiner’s laptop. As Hillary lost it, her campaign was caught red-handed, doing dirty tricks to pictures, and you’ll love just how desperate they have become as they see this election sinking like the Titanic. […]


SHOCKING: Hillary’s Looking At Disaster & Anthony Weiner’s To Blame

Hillary Clinton just got hit with a huge roadblock by the FBI in her quest for the presidency, and things are looking pretty dire for her campaign and election hopes. However, the Clintons play dirty, and she won’t go down easily. Yet, in a crazy turn of events, it looks like the fall of Hillary Clinton is linked to none other than Anthony Weiner, and what’s been exposed now going to shock the whole world. […]

Cops & Criminals

BREAKING: FBI Drops SHOCKING BOMB On Hillary With 11 Days Left

FBI Director James Comey has just dropped a nuclear bomb on Hillary Clinton and her campaign, and it’s shocking all Americans. After months of investigating Hillary’s illegal server and how she sent classified documents via that server, Comey declined to prosecute. Now, in a shocking turn of events, we learn that Comey just hit Hillary’s campaign hard, and you’ll love what it means for the upcoming election. […]


Hillary Clinton Paid Off High Level Authorites For One Corrupt Reason

Hillary Clinton has been getting hit hard already this week. As Wikileaks continues to release batch after batch of emails, newly released FBI documents are also drawing attention. Now, there’s disturbing proof of the corruption in the government that’s not only at its highest levels in history but crooked Hillary is also being protected after high-level authorities were paid off for one corrupt reason. […]