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De Blasio Opens His Big Mouth To Bash Cops, NYPD Delivers Brutal Taste Of His Own Medicine

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has a long history of bashing the men and women who risk their lives to keep the streets of his city safe, so the NYPD was rightfully perturbed when he showed up to deliver a eulogy at slain Officer Miosotis Familia’s funeral on Tuesday. Several fed-up cops took it upon themselves to give de Blasio a taste of his own medicine, and he was not happy about it. […]

Political Opinion

1 Day After Ditching NYPD Vigil To Bash Trump, De Blasio Gets Exactly What’s Coming To Him

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made a shockingly low move last week, even for a liberal, when he skipped the vigil for a fallen NYPD police officer in order to fly halfway around the world and protest President Donald Trump, who was in Hamburg, Germany, attending the G20 Summit as part of his second overseas trip since taking office. Just one day after ditching his duties to bash Trump, de Blasio got exactly what he had coming. You’re going to love this. […]

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‘ARE YOU SCHIZO?!’: Judge Jeanine Lets Loose, Completely Destroys ‘Drama Queen’ Comey

During the “Opening Statement” segment of her Fox News program on Saturday, Judge Jeanine Pirro let loose on James Comey, launching into a must-see rant against the disgraced former FBI Director who she called a “drama queen.” You can always count on Pirro to say what we’ve all been thinking without holding back or fearing the PC Police, and you don’t want to miss this as it might just be her finest moment yet. […]

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Judge Jeanine EXPOSES Obama’s Henchman Tom Perez, You’re Going To LOVE This

Judge Jeanine Pirro is always spot on when she makes her opening statement during her show on Fox News, and she proved it again when she took on the man who Barack Obama made sure would be the new Democratic National Committee Chairman. Tom Perez is Obama’s good pal, and he’s also his henchmen. You’ll love how Judge Jeanine blasts him for telling lies about President Donald Trump, and you don’t want to miss this. […]

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Judge Jeanine Has 5 Devastating Words For Ryan That Trump Wants You To Hear

President Donald Trump sent out a foreboding tweet on Saturday morning asking his followers to watch Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show later in the evening, leaving many to wonder what was so important that he would take the time to send out such a specific request. The morning after was very sobering for RINO Paul Ryan as Judge Jeanine delivered a devastating five-word message which shocked millions. […]

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Leftist Tells Judge Jeanine ‘F- TRUMP & F- WHITES,’ Karma Isn’t Far Behind

Judge Jeanine Pirro has absolutely no patience for liberal nonsense, and she’s earned a reputation for fearlessly putting leftists in their place when they need it the most. After violent riots rocked our country, Judge Jeanine did what she does best and hit the streets. However, when she happened upon a few misguided young progressives, they had no idea she was about to give them a much-needed education in common sense. […]


Rosie’s ARREST Imminent, Judge Jeanine Uncovers Her SICK Plot For Trump

Rosie O’Donnell has lost her mind. She’s been threatening Donald Trump for weeks, which has escalated in the last few days to ramblings and actions that have Judge Jeanine Pirro completely incensed. Rosie has turned so dark that she mimics wackos who have tried to assassinate presidents. Judge Jeanine uncovered Rosie’s sick illegal plot, and you’ll be shocked that it’s gone so far, Rosie is looking to spend time behind bars. […]