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Melania Humiliates Michelle & Hillary, Rocks State Dinner With Stunning ‘Secret Weapon’

First Lady Melania Trump had risked everything by shunning an event planner for the Trump administration’s first state dinner. If anything went wrong, the blame would fall squarely on her shoulders. So when she rocked the state dinner with a stunning “secret weapon,” it put Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to shame, as Melania crushed them and their legacy in doing only what Jackie Kennedy could do almost 60 years ago. […]

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VIDEO: Trump Advisor Navarro Destroys ‘Sleepy Eyes’ Chuck Todd In Brutal Fashion

“Sleepy eyes” Chuck Todd was at it again on Sunday, using his platform on “Meet The Press” to attack President Donald Trump and his White House staff. Toward the end of his interview with White House trade advisor Peter Navarro, Todd mentioned a Washington Post story that said Chief of Staff John Kelly was considering quitting and asked for a comment. Big Mistake. […]


Trump-Hater Kathy Griffin Screams ‘Gen. Kelly Beats His Wife,’ Immediately Made REGRET IT

Kathy Griffin, the loser D-list celebrity who became infamous after posting the likeness of a bloody severed President Donald Trump head on social media, is at it again, only this time she’s slandering General John Kelly and his wife of 42 years, Karen. It seems Griffin is accusing Gen. Kelly of punching his wife in the face, which is a bald-faced lie. Well, Gen. Kelly and Americans who support him immediately made the obnoxious Griffin regret her remarks. […]

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WH Chief John Kelly Says Trump ‘Evolved’ On Wall, POTUS Takes To Twitter To Tell His Side

Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promise was the Southern border wall. You want the wall. I want the wall. The only people who don’t want the wall are illegal immigrants and hack politicians. So, when White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said President Donald Trump “evolved” his view of the wall, people got upset. Really upset. Then, Trump tweeted — three times. […]

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After Omarosa Threatens To Throw Trump ‘Under The Bus,’ Her ‘Sleazy Secret’ Gets Exposed

Omarosa Manigault is threatening to throw President Donald Trump “under the bus,” lashing out after being fired by fed-up Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly. Omarosa took advantage of her previous relationship with the president as he gave her one last chance to prove she could be of value, serving her country, but the former Apprentice villain spit in Trump’s eye. Now, she is busted as her “sleazy secret” gets exposed. This will blow you away. […]

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Frederica Wilson Attacks Gen. Kelly’s Patriotism, Trump’s ‘Nasty Surprise’ Shuts Her Down

Once again, “glittery” Rep. Frederica Wilson grabbed national headlines by attacking General John Kelly. Wilson got her 15 minutes of fame weeks ago, but she refuses to go away. Every couple of days, she uses social media to attack Kelly’s character and his patriotism, but this time, President Donald Trump’s “nasty surprise” for Wilson shut her down for good. You don’t want to miss what finally shut the mouth of the “rodeo clown” who was slandering an American hero. […]