Cher: ‘GOP Are Accessories to Trump Genocide’ of Kurds, Gets Rude Awakening

Cher took her criticism of President Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers to a new level by making false allegations about a “Trump genocide” of the Kurds in Syria. The pop icon claims we abandoned them to die. This is another Democrat talking point meant to paint the president as a cruel dictator-like figure. In fact, Cher got a rude awakening after the truth about Syria and former President Barack Obama came out. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Schiff Staffer Went On Mystery Ukraine Trip For Think Tank Backed By Burisma

Rep. Adam Schiff’s staffer was caught visiting Ukraine for a think tank backed by Hunter Biden’s former company Burisma. But that’s not all. This trip is causing Schiff a lot of grief due to the mystery surrounding it, and it relates to the so-called whistleblower complaint. Well, we’ve uncovered the mystery, and you don’t want to miss all the shocking details. […]


Cindy McCain: Trump‘s GOP Isn’t ‘Party Of Lincoln & Reagan,’ Gets Smackdown

Cindy McCain is once again trashing President Donald Trump. The wife of the late Senator John McCain gave an interview this week where she claimed that the Republican Party under Trump has strayed from their values. “This party is not the party of Abraham Lincoln – that I’ve seen anyway – nor the party of Ronald Reagan,” she said. Well, poor Cindy didn’t know what hit her as Americans gave her a proper smackdown. Don’t miss it. […]


Meghan Says Trump’s Threatened By Her Dad’s Greatness, POTUS Torches Her With Truth

Meghan McCain went ballistic over an unreliable report that claimed while President Donald Trump was in Japan last weekend he ordered the Navy to make sure the warship USS John McCain “was out of sight.” McCain went off on Trump saying the president won’t let her dad “rest in peace” and claimed he was “threatened by the greatness” of her father’s life. That’s when Trump torched Meghan with the truth. You’ll love this. […]


Trump-Hating McCains Will Support Biden To Defeat Trump, Get Torched

Meghan McCain and her mother Cindy are going against the Republican Party they claim to cherish and are supporting Joe Biden to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020. Just like the late John McCain’s funeral which turned into a Trump hate-fest, they can’t seem to put the good of the nation over their own petty gripes. Well, they both got torched by loyal Americans sick of their bad attitude. You’ll love this. […]


Joy: Trump’s ‘Psycho’ & Supporters ‘Need to Examine Yourselves,’ Gets Destroyed

Joy Behar claimed the president is “psycho” on “The View” over his remarks on the late Senator John McCain. “I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be,” said Trump. “He campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare for years and then he got to vote and he said ‘thumbs down.”‘ That’s when Behar blew up at Trump supporters, telling them that “you need to examine yourselves!” Well, she got destroyed. You’ll love this. […]


Meghan: My Dad ‘More Loved’ Than Trump & His Life’s ‘Pathetic,’ POTUS Destroys Her

Meghan McCain had a massive meltdown over the weekend after President Donald Trump exposed the late John McCain’s dubious part in promoting the fake Russian dossier, as he secretly worked with the deep state. Meghan went crazy saying her father is “more loved” by the people than Trump and then said the president’s life is “pathetic.” Well, that’s when Trump destroyed Meghan McCain. Don’t miss this. […]


Romney Votes To Stop Trump’s National Emergency Order, POTUS Makes Him Regret It

Mitt Romney, who is known as a “Republican in Name Only,” came out with a big statement trashing President Donald Trump’s national emergency order to fund the border wall, along with urging his fellow GOP senators to vote against it. Like the late Senator John McCain, there’s a sick reason the new Utah senator is opposing Trump, and the president just made him regret it. Don’t miss this. […]