[Video] Trump Reacts To FBI's Decision On Clinton Email Scandal

See Trump’s BLUNT Reaction To FBI’s Decision On Hillary’s Email Scandal

Earlier today, the FBI announced their decision on whether they will prosecute Hillary Clinton over her misuse of a private server to send and receive classified emails during her stint as Secretary of State. Not long after, Donald Trump took to social media to convey his feelings over the decision, and once again, he hit the nail on the head, saying what millions of Americans are feeling. […]


Terror Attacks On American Soil, Shocking Cover-Up Will Lead To Many More

It will not be accidental when we see an explosion of terror attacks in our future. Most of them can be prevented, but new information is coming to light that proves we are being lied to rather than protected. The FBI and the Obama regime are at odds, and you should be righteously pissed off about the terror attacks happening on our soil and the massive cover-up going on, which will only lead to more. […]


Sheriff Clarke Blasts Anti-Trump Thugs, Exposing Their Tactics With 3 Words

Sheriff David Clarke recently had another one of his no-nonsense takes on the left’s insider plans to stop Trump from becoming president that Americans need to hear. The sheriff called out the anti-Trump thugs, exposing their tactics, and blasted ringleader Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who’s allowing them to get away with it. With just 3 words, Clarke exposed the truth that the left wants to ignore. […]


Duck Dynasty Star Tackles Transgender Bathroom Law, Obama Will Flip Out

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is taking action against Barack Obama’s latest transformation of America. Obama is using the Department of Justice (DOJ) to sue North Carolina over their “bathroom bill,” but Robertson has had enough of the Obama administration’s bull crap, and what he is doing will cause conservatives to cheer as the president loses his mind. […]


[VIDEO] Sheriff Clarke Warns, Don’t Be Fooled By Slick Moves Of Obama Admin

Attorney General Loretta Lynch made a statement in Senate hearings, claiming that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would start taking possession of prisoners for deportation in jurisdictions which have in the past not cooperated with their detainers, also known as sanctuary cities. Sheriff Clarke was asked to comment, and he offers a warning about the slick moves of the Obama administration. […]


Obama Gives His Condolences, People Furious With What He Forgot To Wear

President Barack Obama is able to dish out disrespect with the worst of them. Just as he raced off to golf following a statement about the murder by Islamic terrorists of James Foley, his statement after the passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia also revolved around his important golf schedule, but what he forgot to wear during the announcement has people rightfully outraged. […]


Obama’s Federalization Of Police Underway After What DOJ Pulled In Ferguson

Everything that has gone on in Ferguson has been a deliberate, orchestrated effort to federalize the police, eliminating their independence through strong armed “consent” and sending a message to other police departments around the country that the same thing can and will happen to them if they don’t submit to federalization. This is the creation of the Obama “civilian national security force” that he called for in July of 2008. […]