Senators Plead With Obama Officials For Terrorist Info – Waiting For Next Attack?

Recoil, duck, roll, cover, and deny are the instinctive initial reactions on the part of the least transparent regime in history to any effort by those not in their exclusive executive branch club to find out what they are up to. Ignoring those attempts can be an equally valuable tool of Obama obstructionists, as Senators Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz have learned over the past five months. […]

2 AWFUL Words Loretta Lynch Let Slip About Cali. Say Everything, 1 Was ‘Wonderful’

Loretta Lynch Let 2 AWFUL Words Slip About Cali. Shooting, Exposes Everything

Following the horrific attack in California, which appears to have been perpetrated by Islamic militants, Attorney General Loretta Lynch had some truly troubling things to say. On top of sticking with the liberal narrative and trying to lump the terror attack together with other shootings in the country, she had two disgusting words to describe the incident, and one of them was “wonderful,” if that tells you anything. […]