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Obama’s Going To Prison, SHOCKING New Evidence Could Put Him Away

Barack Obama is delusional. While he’s campaigning for Hillary Clinton, the FBI is investigating clear evidence that indicates he is guilty of treason. These idiots, Obama and Hillary, are in denial, running around the country and droning on about “hope and change” when the cat’s out of the bag. New evidence could put Obama in prison right next to Hillary, and Americans couldn’t be happier. […]


Hillary’s Attempting A Coup To TAKE OVER America, FBI’s WARNING You

Hillary Clinton is staging a coup d’état to win this election and evade prosecution. In fact, she has her henchmen at the highest levels of the Department of Justice who are doing her bidding right now. This is no joke or exaggeration. Hillary is in a death match with FBI Director James Comey and his loyal FBI agents who sent Americans a warning last night. They need our help, or our country will be lost for good. […]

LISTEN: Clinton 'Crime Family' EXPOSED By Veteran FBI Assistant Director

LISTEN: Clinton ‘Crime Family’ EXPOSED By Veteran FBI Assistant Director

On the heels of the FBI announcing its renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, Veteran FBI Assistant Director and wiretap expert James Kallstrom is speaking out. In his statements, Kallstrom exposes the Clintons as being a “crime family,” adding credence to the long list of allegations against them for unethical and illegal activities throughout the last several decades. […]

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BREAKING: FBI Drops SHOCKING BOMB On Hillary With 11 Days Left

FBI Director James Comey has just dropped a nuclear bomb on Hillary Clinton and her campaign, and it’s shocking all Americans. After months of investigating Hillary’s illegal server and how she sent classified documents via that server, Comey declined to prosecute. Now, in a shocking turn of events, we learn that Comey just hit Hillary’s campaign hard, and you’ll love what it means for the upcoming election. […]

[Video] Trump Reacts To FBI's Decision On Clinton Email Scandal

See Trump’s BLUNT Reaction To FBI’s Decision On Hillary’s Email Scandal

Earlier today, the FBI announced their decision on whether they will prosecute Hillary Clinton over her misuse of a private server to send and receive classified emails during her stint as Secretary of State. Not long after, Donald Trump took to social media to convey his feelings over the decision, and once again, he hit the nail on the head, saying what millions of Americans are feeling. […]