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Malia Snubs ‘Nasty Women’s March,’ Spotted Doing Something With British Boyfriend Instead

The one year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration was marked by leftist activists holding a “Women’s March,” taking place in major U.S. cities this past weekend. Yet, it was Malia Obama and her British boyfriend who grabbed headlines in New York City, snubbing the “Nasty Women March” and overshadowing the leftist losers after they were spotted doing something else instead. […]

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Michelle’s Furious! Jets To Hawaii After Discovering Woman Who’ll End Barack’s Career

Michelle Obama is furious after discovering the identity of the woman who will end Barack’s career for good. The former first lady jetted to Hawaii after insiders warned her that an explosion is about to come down on her husband’s head. Michelle has known all along about this woman, but she was hoping the sordid details would stay hidden. Now, she is protecting herself and distancing herself from Barack as fast as she can. […]

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Malia Obama’s White Friends Are On Black Lives Matter ‘Hit List,’ This Will Blow Your Mind

Malia Obama is halfway through her first term at Harvard University, and recently, she was caught by the celebrity outlet TMZ smoking and kissing a white guy at a tailgate party. It was really no big deal since she is 19 years old, but what is shocking is the growing upset from Black Lives Matter idiots who are threatening her “white friends,” and not only is there blatant racism going on, there’s something evil lurking that’s threatening us all. […]

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VIDEO: Shocking Details Emerge About Malia’s ‘Boyfriend,’ Barack & Michelle Furious

Last week, a video emerged of Malia Obama passionately and very publicly kissing a mystery man at a Harvard tailgate party. The footage wasn’t all that surprising, as many simply chocked it up to a young girl doing what college students do. However, some pretty shocking details have since emerged about Malia’s alleged “boyfriend,” and they’ve left parents Barack and Michelle furious. […]

Pics Leak Of Malia And Her New Boy Toy, Viewers Shocked By What’s Showing In Background
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Pics Leak Of Malia & Her New Boyfriend, Viewers Shocked By What’s Showing In Background

The liberal media is gushing as they brag about Malia Obama and her new boyfriend who she was spotted kissing while tailgating at her first Harvard game, but that’s not all everyone is talking about. As it turns out, viewers have been left shocked after seeing what was in the background of a few pictures that leaked — and it seems that dear old dad has some explaining to do. […]

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Michelle’s Furious, Blames Barack After Malia Gives Them ‘Nasty Surprise’ Caught On Video

Malia Obama is well into her first year at Harvard, and like most young adults, she is trying to have a good time. That’s a problem when you have the Secret Service tailing you around. When Malia was caught on video making out with a “mystery guy,” that’s not a major emergency. However, it’s the “nasty surprise” she dropped on her parents right after the make-out session that is causing Michelle to freak out, blaming the whole thing on Barack. […]

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Barack & Michelle Screw Taxpayers On ‘Malia’s Big Secret’ That They Don’t Want You To Know

A new, shocking report has just surfaced, and many American taxpayers are feeling “screwed” as Barack and Michelle Obama continue to spend our hard earned money. As we all know, the former First Couple’s daughter, Malia, was working for the now disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who is facing allegations of sexually harassing and even raping young Hollywood starlets. Now, Barack and Michelle are caught spending unwarranted taxpayer dollars on another “big secret” about Malia that they don’t want you to know. […]


Barack & Michelle Panic, ‘Sick Secret’ Malia Kept During Gap Year With Weinstein Comes Out

Instead of heading off to college after graduating from high school, Malia Obama took a “gap year,” during which time she interned at Harvey Weinstein’s film company in New York. Amid the recent allegations of sexual harassment launched at Weinstein, who is a close friend of the Obamas and a major Democratic donor, the “sick secret” Malia kept during her gap year with the notorious producer has come out. Now, her parents Barack and Michelle are panicking. […]