EXPOSED: Michelle SCREWED Taxpayers, Illegally Giving Our Cash To Daughters

Michelle Obama has some explaining to do. She may be leaving the White House, but that won’t make the fact that she bilked American taxpayers for millions of dollars go away. Newly uncovered classified documents show exactly how Queen Michelle funneled money to her daughters and mother, and you’ll be pissed off to learn how she intends to get off scot-free. […]


Unhinged Liberals Attack After Seeing What Ivanka Posted With Son’s Photo

Ivanka Trump is more than just President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter. She’s a successful businesswoman as well as an adoring mother. Doing as many moms have, she recently posted a cute photo of her 8-month-old son on Twitter, but that was all it took for leftists to attack. After seeing what she posted with the baby’s image, liberals became unhinged, and what caused their anger will shock you. […]

Malia Gets Nasty Surprise After Boy's Private Pic Shows What's At Her Knees
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Malia Gets Nasty Surprise After Boy’s Private Pic Shows What’s At Her Knees

No matter how hard she tries, Malia Obama can’t seem to escape the limelight since, either on purpose or by accident, someone’s cell phone seems to catch her in not-so-flattering acts with increasing frequency. The latest in a string of unfortunate exposure is a boy’s private picture that recently surfaced on Snapchat and has all attention on the teen’s knees. […]