As Mexican Politician Climbs Border Fence, Says 2 Laughable Words To Trump

President Donald Trump is already taking bids from companies to help build his wall, and construction is speculated to begin by summertime. Evidently, by keeping one of his biggest campaign promises, Trump has driven some people to sheer madness, such as a Mexican politician who recently recorded himself climbing part of the border fence in Tijuana and shouting two words that were directed at Trump. […]


Maxine Waters SKIPS Trump’s Speech, 1 Big Reason Was Who Melania Brought

Maxine Waters’ nickname back in her district is “poverty pimp,” and the name fits. As President Donald Trump addressed a joint session of Congress, Maxine refused to do her job and go. Maxine didn’t want to face who Melania brought along with her as a guest, and you’re going to love how we prove Maxine Waters is getting rich while she ensures her constituents stay poor and uneducated. […]


Ted Nugent Has SHOCKING Plan To Screw Trump Haters & You’re Gonna LOVE It

Ted Nugent is one of President Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters, and he did all he could to help Trump win the state of Michigan. Nugent doesn’t mince words, and he is pissed off right now. Seeing what these Trump haters and traitors are doing in Washington, D.C., as they try to discredit our president, Nugent just announced his shocking plan to screw them, and you’re going to love it. […]


Maxine Waters Makes MASSIVE Fool of Herself, Didn’t Know She Was Recorded

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA, isn’t exactly a rocket scientist. As a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump, she’s making a habit of opening her mouth and inserting her foot, but her latest gaffe takes the cake. After recently claiming that Russia was advancing into Korea, she decided to prove once again that she lacks a basic knowledge of world geography. Not knowing that she was being recorded, Waters made a massive fool of herself. […]

Cops & Criminals

Illegal Alien Pulls Knife On Reporter, Makes CHILLING Prediction Come True

Illegal alien thugs gathered on an overpass on the busy California 101 Hollywood freeway to threaten Americans that want secure borders. The thugs were mostly masked or refused to have their faces on camera, but one of the losers couldn’t help himself. Pulling a knife on a reporter, he makes a chilling prediction come true, and this will blow your mind. […]


BIGGEST IDIOT: Maxine Waters Goes At Trump Again, Worst SCREW-UP Ever

Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been making idiotic statements every couple days, but this last one is by far her biggest gaffe ever. With one word, Maxine changes known world history and replaces it with her version of crazy events. She needs to resign immediately because this has got to be one of the worst screw-ups by a member of Congress in the last 50 years, and you won’t believe what she has done now. […]


Trump Gets Last Laugh After IDIOT Maxine Waters Tells Him ‘Get Outta Here’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is the biggest moron in Congress by far, and she is at it again, making the most idiotic statements on live TV. This time, Maxine showed up at an airport protest and launched into a tirade, ordering President Donald Trump to “get outta here,” referring to the U.S. However, you’ll love how Trump gets the last laugh as Maxine shows her true IQ while talking about the Constitution. This will blow your mind. […]