Trump Has Priceless Reaction As Melania Meets D-Day Vet: ‘If I Was 20 Years Younger’

President Donald Trump may be remembered as the man who accompanied Melania Trump to Normandy, on this 75th anniversary of D-Day. The First Lady stole the show wowing the British and French alike dressed in stunning outfits and bringing her quiet charm. That’s exactly what happened when this 93-year-old D-Day veteran met Melania saying, “If I was 20 years younger.” Well, President Trump’s reaction was priceless. You’ll love this. […]


Trump Gets Perfect Gift From Queen As Leftists Melt Down Over POTUS’s State Visit

Queen Elizabeth II blew President Donald Trump away with the gift she gave him to mark his historic state visit. The British Monarch has only given three state dinners for American presidents in 70 plus years, so you know she was really rolling out the red carpet for Trump. However, her gift was a superb choice for Trump while the leftist losers all had a huge meltdown. You’ll love this. […]


Trump & Queen Make London Mayor Regret Calling POTUS A ‘Fascist & Global Threat’

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are on their second historic trip to the United Kingdom, and London Mayor Siddique Khan is trying to throw a wrench in the whole thing. The far-leftist mayor called Trump a “fascist” and a global threat” along the lines of Adolf Hitler, adding that “it’s un-British to be rolling out the red carpet” for him. Well, that’s when President Trump made him really regret it. You’ll love this. […]


Nancy Attacks Trump’s Merit-Based Plan & Mentions Melania’s Family, Gets Destroyed

Nancy Pelosi brought up First Lady Melania Trump and her family’s status as immigrants, suggesting they might not have passed a merit-based test to gain access to this country. The Speaker was trying to be sarcastic claiming she didn’t know if “merit counted” when Melania’s family “came into the country.” Well, poor Nancy got destroyed. You’ll love this. […]


Queen Invites POTUS For Big State Visit As Trump-Hater Meghan Gets The Boot

Queen Elizabeth II has extended an invitation to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to join her for an official state visit in June to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. However, there is one former American actress turned Duchess who is getting the royal boot. That’s right, Meghan Markle who is on the record as a major Trump-hater, went too far and will be getting the boot. Don’t miss this. […]


Michelle Bombs In Copenhagen, Women Disgusted By Her Arrogance & Lavish Lifestyle

Michelle Obama was in Copenhagen, Denmark, last night on the last leg of her big book tour. However, Michelle must be crying her eyes out after the European women in attendance didn’t find the former first lady to be the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, they hated everything about the event: from her ultra-expensive outfit to her arrogant attitude and her lavish lifestyle. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Joy Claims Melania Isn’t Doing Her Duty As FLOTUS, Trump Drops Truth-Bomb On Behar

Joy Behar is making crazy allegations against First Lady Melania Trump. This isn’t the first time the 76-year-old talk show host trashed Mrs. Trump. Behar claims the first lady finds her role so mundane and hates her husband, she has employed a body double to do her duties as FLOTUS, showing the ABC audience pictures. Well, that’s when President Donald Trump dropped a truth bomb that the former comedian never saw coming. You’ll love this. […]


Oprah Headlines ‘Women Of the World Summit’ To Confront Trump, Made To Regret It

Oprah Winfrey just announced that she is promoting the “Women of the World Summit,” and the main purpose of the radical leftist conference is to give attendees tools to target President Donald Trump. Using veiled references to the president, like “confronting authoritarian regimes,” Winfrey and her cohorts are hoping to “empower women” to oust President Donald Trump and “save the planet.” Well, Oprah and her buddies are made to regret it. Don’t miss this. […]


Ocasio-Cortez Claims Americans Want Socialism In USA, Melania Just Destroyed Her

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has caused the Democratic Party to move to the hard left with more and more of their presidential candidates calling for free healthcare, free tuition, and free housing for all. Her “Green New Deal” was met with ridicule by those who know Socialism sounds like a dream but turns into a nightmare real fast. AOC claims Americans want Socialism. Well, Melania Trump just destroyed the former bartender. You”ll love this. […]