Ocasio-Cortez Claims Americans Want Socialism In USA, Melania Just Destroyed Her

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has caused the Democratic Party to move to the hard left with more and more of their presidential candidates calling for free healthcare, free tuition, and free housing for all. Her “Green New Deal” was met with ridicule by those who know Socialism sounds like a dream but turns into a nightmare real fast. AOC claims Americans want Socialism. Well, Melania Trump just destroyed the former bartender. You”ll love this. […]


Michelle Is ‘Forever First Lady’ Say Leftists, Melania’s ‘Secret’ Shuts Them Up

The leftist media calls Michelle Obama America’s “forever first lady,” and they refuse to acknowledge Melania Trump for all she has done to represent our nation with such class and dignity. The current first lady isn’t one to toot her own horn, so it was lucky that one of her “secrets,” from after the president was just elected, has just come to light. Of course, the leftist media won’t report it. You’ll love this. […]


Pelosi’s Furious As Melania Steps In & Exposes ‘Real Motive’ For Shutdown

Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts in the Democrat Party have been doing all they can to place the blame for the government shutdown on President Donald Trump. Pelosi has been lamenting “the poor American families going without paychecks,” claiming there’s nothing she can do. Well, First Lady Melania Trump just stepped in. With one bold move, she exposed the House Speaker’s “real motive” for keeping the government shut down. You’ll love this. […]


Sarah Sanders’ Birthday Tweet Delivers Epic Backhanded Blow To NBC 

If there’s one person whom liberals loathe as much as President Donald Trump, it’s White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. Despite the left’s constant nasty criticism of her, Sarah always manages to come out on the top, routinely making the liberal media eat their own words. So it didn’t come as much surprise that during Dan Scavio’s birthday on Monday, she used the day to poke a little fun at the liberal media in the process. […]


Kathy Griffin Tells Trump, ‘Shut the F*ck Up & Prepare for Prison’ — Gets Destroyed

Kathy Griffin, the washed-up comedian, is once again targeting President Donald Trump in a foul-mouthed rant. The unhinged red-head railed against the president’s tough as nails stance on the border wall. “Shut the f*ck up and prepare for prison,” Griffin told Trump. That’s when the D-list celebrity got utterly destroyed. You’ll love this. […]