Kathy Griffin Tells Trump, ‘Shut the F*ck Up & Prepare for Prison’ — Gets Destroyed

Kathy Griffin, the washed-up comedian, is once again targeting President Donald Trump in a foul-mouthed rant. The unhinged red-head railed against the president’s tough as nails stance on the border wall. “Shut the f*ck up and prepare for prison,” Griffin told Trump. That’s when the D-list celebrity got utterly destroyed. You’ll love this. […]


Sarah Sanders Makes Liberal Media Cry, Shares Video Of Troops Roaring For Trump

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accompanied President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on their Christmas trip to Iraq this week, where she shared a video that left the liberal members of the mainstream media crying. The footage shows U.S. troops roaring for the president as he took the stage to address them during the historic visit. You won’t want to miss this. […]


Michelle Must Be Fuming, Melania’s Brave Act As FLOTUS Will Go Down In History

Michelle Obama has been trying so hard to outshine First Lady Melania Trump. Last week, Michelle got mostly bad reviews when she showed up on her book tour wearing glittery $4,000 dollar thigh-high boots. Right away, people compared the outfit to Melania’s gorgeous white sequin Christmas gown. Now, Michelle must be really fuming. The first lady was just caught doing an extremely brave act. It was so brave that it will go down in history. You’ll love this. […]


Michelle Releases Dance Video Wearing $4k Thigh-High Boots, Made Regret It

Michelle Obama showed up at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, shocking everyone when she took to the stage wearing $4,000 dollar glittery thigh-high Balenciaga boots. The former first lady appeared to be trying too hard to upstage Melania Trump, and now, she is at it again. She just released a video of her dancing, wearing her designer duds, and boy, was she made to regret it. Don’t miss this. […]


Michelle Mocks Trump In $4K Thigh-High Glitter Boots, Melania Shuts Her Down

Michelle Obama showed up at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn wearing $4,000 dollar glittery thigh-high Balenciaga boots and a big yellow wrap around dress. Social media lit up over her funky fashion choice with many people were comparing her outfit to Melania Trump’s Christmas dress. But, while wearing the bold ensemble, the former first lady mocked the president. It was the current first lady, however, who shut her down. You’ll love this. […]