Melania Gets Last Laugh After Idiot Model’s Degrading Impersonation

The hypocrisy of liberals was on parade last night at the American Music Awards, and the female host, some idiot model with zero talent, degraded our soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump. The double standard in Hollywood is astounding as no celebrity would ever make fun of their beloved Michelle Obama. However, Melania is getting the last laugh, and you’re going to love this. […]

Melania Gets Last Laugh On Michelle's Designer Who Refuses To Dress Her

Melania Gets Last Laugh On Michelle’s Designer Who Refuses To Dress Her

True to liberal form, one of Michelle Obama’s favorite dress designers, who clothed the First Lady for almost eight years, refused to dress Melania Trump, saying she’s intolerant of her, despite preaching against discrimination. While she thought that she had perfectly publicly snubbed the next first lady to make a flawed point, Melania trumped her and got the last laugh. […]

Michelle's White House Meeting With Milania Hidden After What's Seen In Pic

Michelle’s White House Meeting With Melania Hidden After What’s Seen In Pic

There was a lot of coverage of Donald Trump’s first meeting in the White House with Barack Obama last week, but there was only a strange silence surrounding Michelle Obama’s afternoon with Melania Trump for the awkward tradition. Just a single photo emerged from this typically well-photographed event, and now after seeing it, we know why their private meeting was kept out of the public eye. […]


NY Gives Trump EPIC Send Off, But Obama Staffers Had Different Reaction

Donald Trump made the short plane trip from New York’s La Guardia Airport to Washington, D.C., and he got an epic send off from firefighters. It was a spontaneous event and a moment that Trump will never forget. However, Barack Obama’s staffers were freaking out as Trump made his way to the White House, and you’ll love how these events prove that the American people are back in control of our country. […]


Hillary Fears Melania Trump, Demands Bill Not Do ONE Simple Thing At Debate

Hillary Clinton is freaking out behind the scenes as she prepares for the third and final presidential debate. Reports from many news agencies say she is scared of Melania Trump and what may happen tonight. Hillary’s paranoia is setting in, and you’ll love how she is going nuts and ordering Bill Clinton around like a child, demanding that he avoids doing one simple thing. […]


Melania Trump Boldly Tells Husband’s Accusers What To Do With Allegations

The mainstream media has given a platform to any woman from Donald Trump’s past to levy any allegation they wish against the Republican presidential candidate without evidence, proof, or even probability. While many claims have already been debunked, the planned attack continues. Now, Melania has broken her silence to tell her husband’s accusers exactly what they can do with their allegations. […]